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The Stones at Carnac
Genesis 11:8
“So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.”
On the southern coast of the Breton peninsula in Northern France is a small rural town called Carnac. It is a pleasant enough seaside resort. I remember enjoying a couple of days there with my family...

Mark Armitage Fired

Mark ArmitageWe asked our readers and listeners to share their thoughts on the firing of creationist Mark Armitage after he found evidence for a young earth. Is academic freedom dead? What can Christians do about this?

Please note that the views expressed below are those of our readers and listeners and do not necessarily represent the views of Creation Moments.

We will continue to send your comments to Dr. Armitage, so if you would like to add a comment of your own to this page, send it to:

Scientific Paper that Led to the Firing of Mark Armitage


I am deeply touched and blessed by the many wonderful comments. I have not yet read them all but it only took the first 15 or so to bring tears to my eyes. God bless you all! 

Your comments tell me that there still are good, decent and Godly folks in our nation who pray and who seek to engage the culture for Jesus – Praise God!  We need each other and we need to act decisively to seek and save the lost. Yes, God’s Word and the principles that founded our Nation are under severe attack. The Beast will stop at nothing to enslave people and to turn them away from the Creator – the ONE who made the Earth, the Universe and all life – including mankind. Time may be short, so I tell everyone I can about the joys of being in Christ and the danger of putting Him off. I do it in love and humility and in tears as one who does not deserve the amazing Grace of God because I do not.

It also tells me that we have the evolutionists on the run…they are scrambling to explain the presence of these delicate and life-like cells and tissues that could in no way survive the ravages of deep time. In fact, it is astounding that they are there even after the (only) thousands of years since the Great Flood of Noah. Even if we allow only 3,000 years since the Flood, these observations of soft tissues are stunning.

So my message is this: Tell your unsaved friends that you have a friend (me) who has been going on dinosaur digs and is unearthing and publishing his findings of soft tissues. (I also just made two new world-first discoveries and the results will be published soon.)

Tell them that he has predicted that soft dino tissues are the NORM and not the exception in the fossil layers and he is finding it everywhere. Tell them if soft tissues are the norm, then the Earth cannot possibly be old, and that suddenly Genesis is believable as actual history. You can get to the good news about Jesus in about 60 seconds and folks listen because they are stunned to hear that soft dinosaur tissues exist!

Also feel free to contact me via to get a copy of my new illustrated children's book, "Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell and the Adventure of the Triceratops Horn" complete with DVD video of soft tissues under the microscope.


Maybe God's plan at least in part was to use this circumstance to share the Truth that He is our Mighty Creator. What a blow that soft tissue is to those saying millions of years elapsed. – T.C.

Yes, Dr. Armitage, there is proof all around us of God's existence. Last year I was led to paint 22 paintings of God's creation that show Romans 1:20. In talking with others, there's much resistance out there for even the existence of God, let alone Jesus! – J.B.

It is outrageous that Mr. Armitage should be fired for publication of a scientific paper. He is an expert in the use of the electron microscopy and his paper did not even mention the implications of the findings as to the age of the earth. I am happy to hear he is being represented by PJI and look forward to justice being served such that he gets his job and career back. It is high time to stand up against this type of unlawful religious discrimination in our institutes of higher learning (and grade schools for that matter). God bless you, Mr. Armitage. – B.J.

The fact that finding soft tissue in dinosaurs is the norm has been completely covered up. I'll bet you could not even say that in a science class. It just goes to show that today's "science" isn't interested in facts, but in evolutionary indoctrination. You are to be commended, Mark, for sticking with facts instead of selling out to secularism. May the Lord bless you and keep you always. – A.S.

Our prayers are with you, Dr. Armitage. Unfortunately, hypocrites are the norm in secular education circles and this is of no surprise to me. I suspect it will become much worse before it becomes better, especially in states like California where they are over the top in cultural evil. These so-called educators know they are being dishonest, not only with the public but also with themselves. I would not want to be them on judgment day. – H.E.

The fact that you, Dr. Armitage, were fired for your beliefs, speaks volumes about the state of freedom in America! There is an ongoing war against Christians all over the world, and here in America we beginning to see much more raging discrimination against Christians. I am truly sorry that the professionals at California State found it necessary to silence you because of a discovery that challenges what they believe. We are in the midst of the battle of the ages; it is just becoming more open and ugly. God gave us two ways to know Him: The Scriptures and His Creation. Even those non-believing scientists who neither read nor believe the Bible must be familiar with His Creation. They have to attack Creationists because that belief undermines the very foundations of their non-beliefs. – J.K 

It is so totally unfair to see this good and GODLY man lose his position just because he spoke the BIBLICAL truth regarding creation! I know that the BIBLE says that all who live godly in CHRIST would suffer persecution, but, ladies & gentlemen, our colleges and every other American institution needs men like this to influence and spread the BIBLICAL truth about creation, life, eternity, etc.! I pray that he would be reinstated to his position, and thank you, Creation Moments, for giving us a chance to speak up for this great and godly gentleman! – D.W.

I live in England and my country, just like America, is still teaching the evolution theory in schools. I try to unteach my 10-year-old grandson this evolution garbage and it can prove to be quite difficult. The world needs people like Mark Armitage. I admire him for his stance regarding truth. Remember, Mark, the Lord knows all the details of this matter, including the details of those involved in your dismissal. My best wishes to you. – J.G.

Hi, Mark. Read of your stand on being able to put forward creation as a possible 'how did we get here' option...and what it cost you. I praise God for the example and the witness  you are to those in that institution and to those who read about/learn of your steadfast belief in our God, the creator of all things. He sees, Mark, and it will be noted – you can be sure of that and He will provide for you. He has something else for you in mind. Psalm 3:5 speaks to your situation. God bless and keep you and yours. – C.S.

It is sad when you have lived in the United States and have seen the days of freedom we experienced. Truth and freedom seem to be lost now in this country in so many venues. It is still the best country to live in but how long it will continue remains to be seen. The truths of the Bible seem to be more relevant in this age than ever before in my lifetime. I think the truth the Bible that states our wrestling is not against flesh and blood but against principalities . . . is more relevant in our day-to-day activities than ever before in my lifetime. Perhaps Satan is getting more desperate in what might be the soon approaching return of our Hope. I pray you are finding peace in your faith and in the support of Christians God has sent into your life. Thank you for being an example to the rest of us.  God have mercy. – J.S.

Mathew 5:11: "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake (vs 12)  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you." I pray that our LORD will give you wisdom.  Stay strong. – Nancy

I am thankful for your willingness to speak up for the data that supports a Biblical cosmology.  I'm sorry it has led to your being fired. Perhaps if we each speak up as well, we can turn the tide. Trying to do our part here in Southern California. – T.B.

I am thankful that we have men like Dr. Armitage who are willing to stand up for what they believe in spite of a confused, intolerant and biased education system that rules and prevails throughout the U.S. I have little respect for our education system for that very reason, and I work in public education. I am looking to become a sub teacher at a Christian school because I know I can accomplish something significant with the children there, much more likely than I can at any public school. The state of students mentally, emotionally and physiologically is pathetic in our schools. And I believe the reason is because our society, our schools, and now even more so our government hates God and wants NO PART of His truth! When God and truth are abandoned and rejected, all that is left is lies, half truths, confusion and degenerated morals and lifestyles. I assume that eventually in time, kids will be allowed to bring their marijuana to school as it will be deemed intolerant to coerce them into being denied that which sustains their NEED! God will graciously, faithfully and gloriously provide for the need of Dr. Armitage, and He has and will faithfully do for all His saints. For us who humbly and faithfully receive the wonderful, loving provision our great and glorious God has provided, we have the ark that God will provide and has provided, that will lift us above the destructive flooding catastrophe that eventually will sweep over the whole Earth. – P.C.

True science goes where the evidence takes us. Presuppositions that suppress evidence is not science but indoctrination. The truth will set us free and all things will eventually work for good for those who love and serve God. Be proud of being worthy of  such an assignment by Him. – M.B.

Each time I hear a college student speak out about how liberal their professors are and that they are not allowed to say anything about their beliefs or mention Jesus, I am appalled. Our rights are being taken away so fast and most do not even realize it. The firing of Mark Armitage is wrong, wrong, wrong but we will be seeing more and more of it as the liberal part of our country are afraid for the TRUTH to come out. Come quickly Lord Jesus!!! – D.J.

This is so hypocritical that it defies logic. Can't wait for the trial to see what arguments are used. After 60 years in higher education and watching college professors "perform" in their own world, sometimes missing any academic validity, this firing takes the cake for me. – S.A.

I earned an MS at Rutgers U (and kept my creation beliefs quiet). A colleague there was turned down for a Ph.D program. She was told by a friend who was part of that admissions discussion that her Christian faith was discussed and was a reason she was refused. Also that applicants less qualified than her were accepted. (All this was told her on condition of anonymity.) This was quite a few years ago as discrimination against  Christians at state universities is ongoing quite some time already. – J.G.

This is definitely discrimination, and a violation of the first amendment, giving US citizens the right to worship as they see fit. The university should have its funding cut off by the State of California (ha, as if). – B.W.

My biology teacher in college evicted me from the classroom for asking how a single-celled organism could evolve if only the mutations deviated from the exact replicas, and those mutations could not split. He said I was trying to sabotage evolutionary teachings. I was just asking a question. He never did answer it. There is no place for intolerance in a  classroom. If the evidence generates questions or thoughtful discussion, it should be followed, not suppressed. In an academic world that boasts the value of knowledge-based learning, Mark Armitage should have been applauded, not fired, for his findings. – K.M.

Thank you for taking a stand for truth. You will be proved right in the end. – D.H.

I can see that freedom of speech and true scholarship in academia is not approved of and until then, its students and teachers will continue to suffer from self-imposed ignorance. I'm praying for him and for just such a day that true freedom will be allowed on our college campuses. – C.B.

I wish Dr. Armitage all the best and that justice will come because we serve a great God.  Through it all, stay close to God. – V.H.

The firing of Mark Armitage is another example of the scientific community's unwillingness to accept any review of scientific evidence that contradicts their "religious" belief of evolution. Those who rabidly defend evolution, even to the degree of ignoring scientific evidence, are the ones who are truly intolerant and blind. – J.W.

There is no place for religious bigotry in our high institutions of religion. Evolution is just as much a religious statement as is creationism. This man did nothing wrong except report the truth as his expertise dictated. – M.M.

All this professor did was speak the truth from what he OBSERVED, the hallmark of true science. There was soft tissue in the sample he observed. Which is more feasible: soft tissue lasting thousands of years or millions of years? He stated his conclusion as thousands and for this he is fired???? Thought police must be alive and well at Cal State University where only the elite, self-appointed censoring squad clears the comment for public consumption. Good grief, is this what 'higher education' has become now? Cal State, move out of nineteenth century thinking and get real with the 21st century reality. – J.H.

Since biblical teachings have been removed from schools, I would call the teaching more of a brain washing. We are not giving students all information needed to form a considered opinion about creation or evolution – we are just giving them falsehoods based on human theories that lack foundational evidence of truth. – G.M.

It's getting really bad when universities are mis-interpreting our constitutional amendment of freedom OF religions to screaming for 'freedom FROM religion'! My friend Dr. David Coppedge was fired from NASA for distributing creationist DVDs. After years in the courts, he lost his suit for unjust termination. I pray you may do better. – T.L.H.

What do "soft tissues found in a Triceratops horn" have to do with "religion"? Either they were found and the samples were correctly carbon dated or they weren't. That's science - not religion! Please reference the peer-reviewed scientific journal. I would like to read his paper. Thank you. – P.C.

A scientist should be evaluated based on his/her ability to do scientific work, not on the conclusions reached. If there is a problem with the method or the assumptions involved, then critique those, but if the method reaches a conclusion you don't like, then maybe it's you who is wrong. If some universities get hit in the pocketbook with a case like this one, they may change their approach. Dr. Armitage, I wish you well. – V.K.

I am 83.5 years of age and never trained my memory so it is not as good as it could be or should be. I graduated from Hunter College NYC 1953. I believe that I had an excellent education free at that time in NYC. We were taught to think, reason, search out the truth. I have been appalled at the lack of intelligence that is exhibited throughout our schools and Public television and Public radio. They should be ashamed of themselves. Individuality is not permitted, original thinking is not permitted, they spout a very old theory, which has never had a true fact to stand on called evolution. This country has gone to the dogs! Educated public figures adopt stupid, redundant expressions much to their own shame (on the round). They are trying to make me believe that there is no such thing as truth, true facts, and all is relevant. They are forcing me to believe that abnormal biological behavior is normal such as homosexuality. On top of all this they are now permitting another governing system to exist along side US System of Laws. and those people do not have to obey American laws! Idiocy reigns everywhere and is rampant within our governing system. Spending and wasting tax money on crazy ideas such as global warming. I pray daily for God's help and guidance in saving this once wonderful country. – Dorothy

Shortly after the old USSR dissolved I was in Moscow teaching Creation Science/Intelligent Design seminars in Russian high schools. At one school the missionary who set up the meeting of about seven students had to go to the school office to get a screen for my overhead projector. He came back with the school principal who wanted to know what we were doing in that 800 seat auditorium (with just 7 kids). My translator told him, "This American has come here to tell the students how God created the world." He got very agitated and told us to stop. He quickly exited the room through a side door. I imagined that I was in big trouble. Not so. The principal went down the hall to the first classroom, opened the door and said to the teacher, "Bring all of your students and come with me." He then went to every classroom in the building and did the same thing. It took about 30 minutes but I had every student, teacher, administrator, custodian, counselor, cook, et al… He then came to me, grabbing my coat by the sleeve and in animated Russian spoke to my translator… "For seventy years our country has lost the knowledge of God. Please; tell my students how God created the world." And he gave me the rest of the day with what I would guess was 1,000 people. Creationists… do not lose heart! That day I shared the message of Genesis one, but more importantly of John three! I had a box of 1,000 copies of the Four Spiritual Laws in Cyrillic text. Every one was taken, and not a single copy remained on the floor or seats when it was over. God is more powerful than any government or the most rabid public school union organizer. While many professors will stay silent to keep their jobs, they know the emperor has no clothes. Our job is not to convince anyone – only to repeat the truth again and again. – P.S.

We expected this could be coming, our Lord told us that we would be persecuted in this world. We can be happy in hard times, for we walk by faith. Cheer up, and keep up the good works. We are praying for you. Praise the Lord. – M.K.

Many in the scientific community refuse to acknowledge scientific principles. All radiometric dating establishes a maximum possible age of a sample but not the minimum. The actual age can be anything between the minimum and the maximum. The minimum is one year. An evolutionist requires the maximum possible age to support their religious views. – S.M.

"We will not tolerate your religion in this department!" Yes, we should let State of California officials know that it is they that have brought their religion of secular humanism, evolution of life from dirt, favored races, eugenics, exaggerated age of the cosmos and other lunacies into our classrooms. Ideas have consequences! Let's get on with the firing starting with Gov. Brown. – B.V.

It is sad that science has become so politically correct that it has to deny any possible disagreement with the status quo. Fear of loss of money and the judgment of God is an amazing thing! – S.S.

When I was a teacher (math, science, chemistry), I was looked down upon for holding to my Creationist beliefs especially by my science colleagues. Can't prove it of course. I'm sure that this sort of thing is happening in most educational institutions today. – George

It is sad that those who preach tolerance, open mindedness, and free thinking are the first to shut down, belittle, and show bigotry towards others. They are not willing to have scientific discussions or look at other vantage points but think that yelling louder makes them more correct. It is sad that they only want to teach one point and the rest of us should shut our pie holes and submit. – S.J.

I worked for Pacific Justice Institute for 6 years, retiring in June of 2012. I'm so glad they are taking this case. We can't let the lies continue, nor can we afford to be intimidated by unbelievers who cannot deal with real science. If we don't stand up for truth, where will our children and grandchildren be in a few years? – M.N.

Odd how Political Correctness does not apply to Christianity. If it were any other religion or culture, the supervisor could be accused of a "hate crime." Intolerance is only acceptable when applied to those of the Christian faith. – P.S.W.

I am very sorry to hear about creation scientist Mark Armitage being fired from California State University on the grounds of teaching the "young earth" science. It just goes to show how little academic freedom our teachers and students actually have. As in any socialist country, people are told what to think, right or wrong, and are not being taught to think for themselves or make up their own minds. We are not as free as some people might think anymore. They are even re-writing history, and changing it. Perhaps people who aren't brainwashed by the system could change things by electing better people in government offices and judicial courts. Elect people "for the people" if there are any left. On a brighter note, I do believe we are in the end of times. Soon the one who is perfect and makes no mistakes will be back. Praise our Lord and Glory to God! – C.J.

I am extremely concerned at the increasing narrow-mindedness of the main-stream scientific community. The history of all disciplines makes it abundantly clear that 'gagging' diverse views is counter-productive at best and blatant bigotry at worst. All breakthroughs in any human endeavour from the arts to the sciences comes when there is genuine freedom of expression. We should trust the crucible of shared ideas to refine and eliminate by intellectual rigour false or invalid concepts rather than dismiss them arbitrarily. Mark Armitage should be re-instated and encouraged to continue his research. Let science disprove his work, not bigotry. – P.T.

Dr. Armitage, stand strong in your scientific integrity and in the Lord. May God be with you. All glory and honor belongs to Him for the evidence He has left of His creative acts. – P.G.

These are the kind of things that are prophesied to happen in the end times. Doesn't mean we lay down and take it but we do need to go forth in gentleness and love. Tough love but love. Blessings to you for your stand, Mr. Armitage, and may the Lord richly reward you. – K.H.

Barbarism. Intellectual logic, pure scientific methods, dedication and common courtesy are passe in the current whorish academic and pseudo-scientific toxic brew of political correctness. – D.T.

Have these fools look at cave drawings and ancient artwork that show clearly that men lived with dinosaurs. Obviously, they did not die some 50 million years ago. No honest evidence of men that long ago. Stop the silliness, join the 21st Century! – G.S.

California State University has clearly violated the law by firing a professor not only for his religious beliefs, but for doing his job and telling the truth. This is unacceptable and the University now has a big black eye because of it. – A.T.

It saddens me that Mark Armitage was fired from his job at California State University because his belief in creationism. Regrettably, scientists who believe in evolution do not realize that they have placed their faith in the false doctrine of evolution, and because of this, they will not accept anything that contradicts their belief. Therefore, evolutionists will continue to stick their fingers in their ears, even as our omniscient God reveals "true" science to His creation. – Derell

I believe evolutionists are running scared. I am concerned that this find and other finds of a similar nature do not get the exposure they fully deserves. I'm sure the Lord God will take good care of Mark Armitage. I really hope the courts come out on his side. There is one issue for the court to consider: Was the soft tissues found in a Triceratops
horn genuine? If so, Mark was treated unfairly. – J.G.

Bless you sir. There was a time in America that your findings would have been refreshing and freedom to express the LORD'S Word applauded. I'm 84 years young in November, and the change in our nation in its respect toward the LORD and HIS followers causes me to know we are in the great falling away. When I was in grade-school my teacher had her large Bible on her desk. When WWII commenced, we were instructed to bow our heads on our desk and pray for our nation and its soldiers. Bless you, dear man. – R.J.

This censorship is appalling on a public college campus in the United States of America where "anything goes" mentality reigns EXCEPT if it also happens to have Christian undertones. Vile, ludicrous, and phony things are allowed but not the Christian viewpoint despite the long history of Christian underpinnings this country has. Are the non-Christians so delicate that their world is turned upside down if someone suggests a different view than the lockstep evolutionary view? While these universities preach tolerance to everybody else, in truth, they are the most intolerant institutions in the world with their "thought police" holding high positions. Shame on this California institution. Let freedom reign. – J.H.

I don't think the students and other faculty members should tolerate the religion of evolution in the lab. There is a difference in the outdated, unscientific, unsubstantiated, bankrupt philosophy of evolution, and REAL science. That wasn't a "religion" he wrote about. It was good science. – H.M.

Concerning Mark Armitage's firing: it's very sad when our academic institutions refer to scientific findings that go against their views as "religion." Truth is truth, no matter whose lips it comes out of. – A.W.

As a Christian, I am appalled at how our freedoms have eroded in this "Christian" nation in the last few years. I would NEVER give my hard-earned money to a place like CSU, EVER. This man is a renowned scientist. The way he was FIRED is a DISGRACE to this country and everything it stands for. Or WHAT IT USED TO STAND FOR. CSU stands for NOTHING. It is an embarrassment for what we call a college education. GOD HELP US and THANK GOD FOR MARK ARMITAGE! – M.C.

This "dogmatic" vision of "facts" (as the world of education sees it) is a clear cut reason to reject the "Common Core", top down education scheme and return standards and curriculum to local control. The concept of no other way except the government-sanctioned idea flies in the face of a real educational experience. – T.R.

I'm now retired, but have taught math for 44 years (41 at our local community college) - on at least 4 occasions I was warned about saying things to my students that were religious or creationist. I finally had to enlist the aid of ADF, who sent a letter to the president of the college. I'm reminded of Paul's second letter to Timothy in which he lists a whole "grocery list" of ungodly behaviors that people will (and ARE) exhibiting in these last days. And to think that much of this is coming from the world of academia where they are "EVER LEARNING AND NEVER ABLE TO COME TO A KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH"! – A.S.

Our educational system has not had academic freedom for some time. The newspeak of tolerance and freedom are pseudonyms for I will only tolerate that which conforms to my standards and you're free to do absolutely anything that I think is acceptable. – J.R.

It seems strange to me that universities – which for so many years have encouraged students to investigate, evaluate, and present factual findings – should now be telling them to accept the brainwashing they are being fed and to just shut up about the truth behind their investigations. Apparently we have rejected the spirit of enlightenment and would rather go back to living in the Dark Ages. Of course, this is just what the Bible predicts, where people will shake their fists and exclaim, "We will not have this man to reign over us!" – E.F.

Please reinstate Mark Armitage. He is a good researcher and was just reporting all that was there. Truth is the only basis for good teaching and researching. Thank you. – C.A.

The United States of America definitely suffers from many types of prejudice, discrimination, persecutions, and other such unacceptable behavior. Our laws attempt to prevent such behavior, but people seem to have a total disregard for what is right and lawful, especially in the universities, regarding science. Anyone who dares to challenge the current perspectives is treated so poorly, even to the point of expulsion, that it boggles the mind. The purity of science is severely undermined by individuals whose job it is to defend freedom of expression, and yet they totally disregard their duties and persecute those who do uphold the right to freedom of expression. One case that comes to mind is the persecution of Jack Cuozzo. But do not worry for all the persecution. Jack prevailed and so shall you. – L.G.

Grotesque Unfairness and Furious PC Reprisals are our future worldwide...we'd better get used to it. AND we must fight each case with wisdom, potency, facticity, and grace. Jesus will be the Ultimate Humiliator of our baseless accusers – not us (darn!). – T.L.

Again we see that tolerance is only for those who are not Christian/Creationist or believe in Intelligent Design. This reminds me of the Christian scientists who lost their jobs because they did not believe in Global Warming. 'Blessed are those who are persecuted for my Name's sake!' – J.J.

We are shocked but not surprised at the termination of Mark Armitage. It just goes to show how intolerant the evolutionist side is. Unfortunately, they don't want to be accountable to anyone, and if they agree that Mr. Armitage's finds are legitimate, they have to take a good hard look at their thoughts of a Creator God. We feel sorry for them and will pray that they see their mistakes and turn to the only One who can save them. – D.A.F.

I am a graduate of Arizona State University. I believe that indoctrination is counter intuitive and that reasonable academic freedom produces superior results. – J.T.S.

Obviously with the firing of Mark Armitage, the tactics of evolutionists is if you can't beat the creationist by open debate, then just ban them altogether. – M.M.

I applaud the professor for doing his job and not being intimidated by the status quo. Expect to be hated by the world and world view. Will pray for the professor and for God's purpose to prevail and the enemy exposed and defeated. – J.N.

Firing Mark Armitage was a foolish thing for the university to do. I expect that they will have to reinstate Professor Armitage. If they don't, they will have driven an even bigger stake into the heart of evolution by making it clear to everyone that evolution is a religious faith that will not share the stage with any other religious faith. Even if they offer him his old job back, I wonder if he should accept the position. In my book, Mark Armitage is too good for California State University! - S.J.S.

By cutting off from discussion any particular point of view, this institution shows that it is committed to ideology and not to the advancement of knowledge. – V.E.

This is a sad day for America. It is completely unacceptable that State Universities and the rest of the scientific community will not tolerate views that are contrary to Darwinian Evolution and the old earth paradigm. The courts are no better though. It seems that the judges are just as blinded as the secular scientists. – F.M.

The lies of evolution were not swallowed by all: True scientists always knew that theory violated all biological laws. However, we Christians in America allowed Satan and his lies into our society and schools by our silence, and is it now too late? Our churches then and now are too cowardly, and the lies have infiltrated us. – L.P.

Another example of the double standard exhibited by the "progressives". Their religion of atheism/evolution is tolerated and allowed but Christianity/creationism is not. I hope this man wins his case. – J.K.

When the supervisor came in and said "We will not tolerate your religion in this department!" he could have easily said, "Why not? We tolerate yours." This is typical of universities and I think he probably did the right thing by letting it be settled by legal means. It is sad that we have been stripped of our right to express what we believe, even if it goes against what the majority of others believe. – J.O.

I am greatly disappointed that Mark Armitage has been unjustly treated for being a Christian and exposing the error that dinosaurs died out some 65 million years ago. Recent findings prove that to be untrue. – N.H.

There's an excellent chapter on Academia as one of the six pillars of today's ruling Cainite Moronocracy in the book: "Outing the Moronocracy: Ending the Rule of the Blind, the Stupid, and the Disgraceful in American Society." I'll send a pdf of it to you if you like, or the whole book itself. Keep up the good work.BTW, the root of the problem is the National Academy of Sciences. See "Sowing Atheism: The National Academy of Science's Sinister Scheme to Teach Our Children They're Descended from Reptiles." – R.B.J.

Jesus said we expect persecution because of our faith in Him. Is this a surprise, or do we think that as Americans we have a special exemption from persecution. Public education institutions are not Christian any more than America is a Christian nation. Praise the Lord that when we take a stand for Him, Satan reacts and stirs up his followers. I would like to see justice done, but will that lead Dr. Armitage's former supervisor to the Lord? Only the Lord knows the answer. – D.P.

Makes one wonder what the anti-creationists are afraid of. If one acknowledges a creator, one acknowledges we're not the top of the food chain, so to speak. I thought evolution meant we were to rise above the oppression of others simply for their beliefs? We seem to be devolving instead. – A.R.

After I separated from USAF (I was a pilot), I became a high school teacher of government and economics. Not only was I resented for my military service (I am a Vietnam Veteran), but I was observed much more than usual because of my Christian beliefs. Now that I have retired from teaching, I do not mention it very much as I have come to see teaching in the government ("public") schools as less than a noble calling. I do not know where this nation is going, but it surely is not up. My prayers are with all Christians who are discriminated against by the system. – S.S.

A qualified scientist has been fired because the conclusions gained by his experiment do not conform to the accepted ideas of the day. Galileo was imprisoned for the same thing: he had the hubris to suggest that the sun did not orbit the earth, but rather the earth circled the sun. The religious leaders could not stomach what had been shown to be true. There is no difference in the fervor of today's religious evolutionists, who seek to suppress the truth by abuse and censure. An honest scientist admits results that do not reflect his a priori beliefs, or the opinion of the status quo. We need more honest scientists. A science career cannot be dependant upon producing the results pre-approved by the establishment, or what is being conducted cannot be called "science". Mark Armitage should be re-instated at Cal State with an apology and without censure. – M.B.T.

It is terrible and points out evolutionists cannot accept the truth even when it is obvious. Dr. Armitage's case is a perfect example in his peer reviewed paper that soft tissue cannot exist for millions of years, therefore must be only thousands of years. This has a tremendous impact on freedoms and the education of our children. – C.V.

There is NO such thing as "academic freedom" in today's society unless you are saying what the academic community wants to hear. We have taken the objectivity out of anything than can be labeled as "religious." Mr. Armitage did not submit some thrown-together paper with arbitrary references, but a well-researched paper in a peer-reviewed journal. It's a shame that one in his position either won't be taken seriously or, as in this case, loses his job as a result. – S.B.

Why does the university refuse to offer an explanation for soft tissue being present in a fossil that is so old that the soft tissue should not be there at all? Either the soft tissue is not there or their supposed age of the fossil is way off the mark. I failed to see religion in this at all. It is a case of evidence that can be examined versus a dating idea that cannot be verified. I believe the school will lose the court case and I hope the fired teacher is very well compensated and the school exposed as intolerant of truth and preferring falsehoods to plain and tangible evidence. – B.M.S.

Outraged to hear about this. Taking the Bible out of the discussion, would it not be reasonable to come to a conclusion that if soft tissue has been found it couldn't be millions of years old? These evolutionist have zero explanation of the singularity point (first there was nothing and then it exploded) and logic would tell you that if you can't get the starting point correct, how can the conclusion be accurate? The enemy has certainly blinded their eyes. Sorry to hear about this. – D.K.

Thank you, Mr. Armitage! Keep standing for God's principles of searching for the truth, wherever it leads or how uncomfortable it may get! – C.G.

What should seeking to discover the truth - based on scientific evidence - have to do with religion necessarily? He should follow where the evidence leads and in this case it proves soft tissue is not billions of years. His former employer should be fired for discrimination and one would ask him - why do you distort the truth to comply with your own "beliefs"? – J.B.

This is academic censoring and we should not be surprised that the world rejects us. We still should object to the hypocrisy in the scientific community and keep the evidence in their faces! – J.G.

Thank you for telling the truth!! Praying for justice and truth to prevail. We are living in days when many prefer darkness to light. "And the light shineth in darkness; and darkness comprehended it not." John 1:5 – C.S.

It is outrageous when educators refuse to accept discoveries, especially on the basis of "religious" views. But take courage. Medical doctors have been denied the right to practice because of "new" ideas but were honored years after death, and we Christians must also repent. – S.H.

The supervisor likely had little knowledge about the actual research. It would seem that that the crux of the defense could be directed toward compelling the University to give an approved basis for the removal. Of course religious bias would be against federal mandates so other reasons would need be required in order for the University to avoid severe penalty. If this is a case of misguided passion on the part of the supervisor, then the supervisor should face reprimand for being subjective and very unscientific in his daily tasks. Cool thinking on the part of creationists must prevail. – B.P.

As "born again" Christians, we thank the Lord for people such as yourself who teach in the schools about creation as the truth of God. I'm sorry you got fired, and I pray that you get help from a Christian lawyer based group. Just remember that these are the end times, and we as Christians are always struggling again "Satan". The world has been turned upside down by people who don't want God to have any part of our lives, they just don't realize what they face for eternity. That's what I feel bad about. God will care for those of us that are believers. I hope you find a way to continue to teach creation. Our schools are very sad now, and I feel for the people attending who will be lost forever because of men who have no idea about the reality of God. One day they will know the truth and sadly it will be too late for them. Hoping and praying for the best for you. – B.A.

These evolutionists don't want The Truth! – L.C.

Since we humans were not there when the "Leviathan" and the "Behemoth" were created on day 6 of the Creation event (or the unquestioned and horribly shaky "millions of years ago"), letting today's scientific investigations point where they will should be a worthy goal. But, as shown in the shouted quote, hard hearts will, almost always, show devotion to their own gods. – G.L.

I believe Dr. Armitage should fight the firing, especially since this is a University. – W.H.

This is a sad but unsurprising development. The university systems are feeling the squeeze. They have taken the bribe to uphold evolution and are addicted to the money. Anyone jeopardizing their cash cow must go, science be damned!  (I think the Rockefellers are behind this.) The state of education in the US today is pathetic ... in the sciences, in English, in history, in what passes for philosophy, political science, etc. If I had a kid entering college, I would be very, very picky about who got my money.

We need bold truth-telling educators to create new institutions. Sometimes it's a waste of time to try to save a corrupted system. They need to be put out of their misery. – S.O.

One of the definitions of science is "the state or fact of knowing; knowledge." Real scientists publish what they discover. They are interested in facts. An authentic scientist wants to discover the truth about something, even if it means their own personal "theory" is proven to be incorrect. – L.H.

I am sorry for the bump in your road as you serve God, Keep the faith, God is not surprised, He has better for you. He is in control. – B.P.C.

It's really sad our society has come to this point, really what is the meaning of any higher learning Institute? Isn't this supposed to be a place of ideas, and when did we get to the point where facts (soft tissue) are ridiculed? Don't they realize they have a faith? It's a faith in non-belief but all the same it's faith. – S.F.

I think the movie produced by Ben Stein entitled 'EXPELLED' was an outstanding presentation of how the religion of evolution has taken over all non-Christian colleges. Dialog on the subject is not and will not be tolerated! – R.E.S.

The firing of Mark Armitage from California State University is another example of our closed-minded culture towards Christianity and definitely sends a strong message regarding Christian persecution in the society. Although a scientist by profession, Armitage is completely free to research and publish a study for consideration and review by his scientific colleagues and the scientific community. This is a shame and I hope he wins his unlawful termination lawsuit! – S.S.G.

Only 7 years ago, I came across some convincing evidence that my life-long beliefs in evolution could be wrong. I started researching all my beliefs, and came to embrace God and His Word based on what I found. Daily, since then, I find more proof in such evidence as this. Therefore, I am angry at this suppression of truth. I grieve for the lies that darkened my soul for 50+ years and the souls of countless others. – P.C.

I understand that the University cannot embrace any person or church's beliefs about the origin of life on this planet. I also do not believe it is proper or constitutional to embrace specifically any other beliefs about the origin of life such as evolution. Neither belief can be proven beyond doubt through the scientific method. Therefore I believe it is more proper to present all significant beliefs together with the facts and logic supporting these beliefs without promoting one position over the other. Allow each student to analyze and research each of these theories for themselves to arrive at their own conclusions. – L.H.S.

Proof AGAIN that everything is tolerated BUT Christianity. Amazing  that anyone would disapprove of a teaching of love and forgiveness. – P.N.

1) There are several campuses named California State University, which one is this?

2) You should encourage alumni donors to speak out with their wallets.

3) This matter should be addressed to their accreditation authority and make sure the university knows you will oppose a renewal when it comes up.

4) You should speak up to the Feds on withholding future research grants as this is a clear violation of his First Amendment rights, and that your supervisor was expressing a religious viewpoint.

5) The university Board should be made aware of all of the above efforts, so that they have a chance to rein-in this illegal behavior. – Rev. M.M.

Outrageous. Clearly the scientist had his conclusions regarding the soft tissue and only addressed the age of the organic material, which, in and of itself, does not constitute "religion" in any way whatsoever. The assumption and accusation made against him clearly indicates that someone was looking for a fight. – G.K.

Modern secularists, atheists, and progressive are truly fascists in more "intellectual" wrappings. In the guise of rights, they trample rights. Posing as tolerant, they are intolerant. Masquerading as truth seekers, they are the new jihadists of pseudo-science. – H.B.

Too many faculty and colleges have sold their souls for "politically correct" research where they already know the results they seek; and it is not the TRUTH. Why? To gain grants, prestige. promotions, more pay $$, write fiction books rather than truthful books, etc. Why do these same people have to keep changing their titles like climate change, global warming, carbon emissions, evolution, etc. The TRUTH is that what happens is all part of God's plan and it is prophesied with 100% accuracy in the Bible. – D.C.

Well this gentleman had to be fired.  We can't have things like facts and truth getting in the way of our pursuit of progressive ideology and blind allegiance to the pseudo-scientific jihad of humanism. – P.S.

Stand firm, Doctor. God's approval is more important than man's. – J.S.

The liberals and the gays/lesbians are able to speak their freedom, so the scientist Mark Armitage should have the same rights as well and be protected. I still stay amazed of how people put their faith in man rather than God. – J.R.E.

My prayers will certainly go out for Mark and his family (Ps.20). In 1939, after a 10-year study of the nation, the Supreme Court declare this nation "a Christian" nation. Obviously, things have changed. Jesus said in Jn.15:18-21, "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you, 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. But all these things they will do to you for My name's sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me.'" Paul in 2Tim.3:12, " Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." "If prosperity is the blessing of the O.T., adversity is the blessing of the N.T." (Francis Bacon). To God be the glory. Please see 2Chron. 7:14. Thanks and God bless! – Harold