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Today's Creation Moment

God Shows Us the Earth from Space
Job 26:7
“He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.”
The Earth floats in space, attached to nothing, surrounded by a thin layer of air. What science has only just learned, the Bible has taught for thousands of years! Yes, while other ancients pictured...

Universe by Design Dr. Danny Faulkner

Universe by Design Dr. Danny Faulkner

Exploring the universe, explaining its origins and discussing the historical development of cosmology from a creationist viewpoint, Dr. Faulkner has written this book for upper-level students and well-read layman. Includes recent developments in cosmology, explanatory diagrams and illustrations, chapter questions and answers. Also includes a thorough discussion of the big bang theory, pointing out its problems. The large-format paperback book is an excellent supplement to an upper-grade-level home school curriculum or the library of an astronomer - amateur or advanced. $13.99.

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