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Today's Creation Moment

How Old Is Human DNA?
Genesis 11:8
"So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city."
Mitochondria generate energy inside each of your cells. They have their own DNA, which is passed directly from mother to child. This fact and the known rate at which mitochondrial DNA mutates has led...

In the Minds of Men

In the Minds of Men
In the Minds of Men by Ian Taylor 6th Edition Revised and Expanded.
Creation Moments is pleased to bring you what has been hailed as the classic work on the creation-evolution issue! Written by our very own Ian Taylor, the voice of Creation Moments, the new sixth edition of In the Minds of Men covers such diverse fields as history, geology, medicine and physics … yet the author has been careful to provide clear but entertaining reading, full of human interest and packed with valuable insights. With its extensive footnotes, more than 180 illustrations, full index and complete bibliography, the book is one you'll turn to again and again in the coming years. Interest level: High School-Adult  1015-3 $34.99 Hardcover 518 Pages


Underwater Creatures – You and your kids will enjoy this CD that features 30 of our best radio episodes about God's amazing sea creatures. Turtles, whales, hagfish, octopi, shrimp, lobsters – these are but a few of the creatures that evolution is powerless to explain.

Incredible Insects – This incredible CD features 30 of our best radio broadcasts about insects. Listen to Ian teach you and your kids about dancing bees, the language of fireflies, crafty fleas, racing roaches, the bombardier beetle, and much more.

Made in God’s Image – Truly, the human body displays God’s genius as Creator! Your whole family will enjoy this CD, featuring 30 of our best radio broadcasts filled with little-known facts about hearing, smell, the human eye, muscles, blood, heart, the brain, the liver and much more!

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