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Today's Creation Moment

Midnight Migrating Moths
Genesis 12:1
"Now the Lord had said unto Abraham, 'Get thee out of thy country ... unto a land that I will shew thee.'"
It was a moonless night over England. A specially designed radar picks up something that has never been seen before. The radar is picking up silver Y moths as they migrate south for the winter. What...

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It amazes me that people will blindly accept the outdated notions of evolution and think they are being "scientific", when true science, and modern technology, is finding that what was once thought to be "scientific fact" is now obsolete. And they call Creationists and Christians outdated and ignorant. The reason we want to "throw out 150 years of scientific discoveries" is because science has thrown out those "scientific decoveries" as they go deeper into research. Scientists before the past 150 years were intelligent people who recognized the hand of God in creation and the universe, and real scientists of today are realizing that fact as well.


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