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Today's Creation Moment

Midnight Migrating Moths
Genesis 12:1
"Now the Lord had said unto Abraham, 'Get thee out of thy country ... unto a land that I will shew thee.'"
It was a moonless night over England. A specially designed radar picks up something that has never been seen before. The radar is picking up silver Y moths as they migrate south for the winter. What...

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Not only do they say evolution is a fact, they claim that there are plenty of transitional forms. There should be billions, but there aren't any. That's why they made such a big deal about Tiktaalik. But that's all they have to offer since Darwin presented his theory 150 years ago? One pro-macroevolution site has a "sea cow with legs", but there's no fossils of its legs gradually turning into flippers. Notice there are no fossils of the rodent-to-bat transformation, and artists don't even attempt to sketch what that conglomeration would look like.


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