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Today's Creation Moment

The Days in Genesis
Genesis 1:5
“And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.”
Silently, a huge, powerful form slides through the deep, cold, dark depths of the sea. The men aboard the nuclear submarine have seen neither sun nor daylight for months, yet each one knows what day...

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Evolutionists often contradict themselves, covering their ignorance of physics and biology with complicated words that make other people back off. Evolutionists like to say evolution happened in the distant past, as if that exempts it from being discredited. I even heard Dawkins say once that it happened before, but wasn't happening today, even though in another interview he claimed it was going on all around us. This was a weird contradiction, to be sure.

I say, if evolution is natural law, then it's a constant. Therefore, in a laboratory, DNA could readily be used to change one species into another. But what do we find? It can't be done. That's because DNA is coded to replicate a species, not to create a vast number of life forms, or, in the terms of an evolutionist, generate "speciation."

It boils down to dogs will have puppies, not kittens, no matter how much you argue the point.

Disprove that, Darwin.


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