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A Simian Shakespeare Theatre?
Romans 1:20
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;...
You may never see a troop of monkeys traveling from city to city to perform Shakespeare, but some researchers now believe that monkeys do, indeed, develop culture. This unexpected discovery does not...

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Theistic Evolution: Darwinism, Deceit and Discernment

There's a slick new website on the web that Creation Moments feels is far more dangerous than a deadly spider's web. The BioLogos Foundation's website is well done and appealing to the eye. But behind its good looks lurks an insidious philosophy that masquerades as biblical truth. In a word, the website promotes theistic evolution, one of the most dangerous forms of Darwinism.Darwinism's stepchild - theistic evolution - is nothing more than Darwinism wearing fancy church-goin' clothes. Theistic evolution allows its adherents to straddle the fence by attending church on Sunday while believing that the Bible is not true. Though it may sound godly, theistic evolution does not differ in any significant way from classical Darwinism or neo-Darwinism.Why is theistic evolution so great a threat? Because it entraps Christians in its web of deceit. Darwinism makes no pretense of a belief in God. It is a philosophy held largely by atheists, agnostics and others who are clearly outside the bounds of the Church. Theistic evolution, on the other hand, is the "enemy at the gates", and some denominations are opening the church doors wide.Theistic evolution is built on the premise that the Bible must not be interpreted literally. How convenient! By discarding biblical literalism, a person can believe whatever he wishes. He need never embarrass himself by accepting biblical stories that are hard to swallow - like the first human pair, Adam and Eve. Did they really exist? Not necessarily, according to a non-literal interpretation of the Scriptures. They were mere allegorical figures.Is theistic evolution credible? It is to people like Francis Collins, the physician-geneticist noted for his leadership of the Human Genome Project. Collins is also founder and president of the above-mentioned BioLogos Foundation, a theistic-evolution organization that teaches: "The Bible is not a scientific text and should not be read that way.... Reading the Bible as a literal, scientific text leads  to inconsistencies between the revealed word of God and the scientifically derived history of the world." In other words, whenever the Bible and science disagree, it is the Bible that needs to be reinterpreted.But to those who believe that God wasn't playing word games or telling imaginative stories in the inspired pages of Scripture, theistic evolution is no more credible than Darwinism itself. Discerning Christians need to avoid not only the falsehood of Darwinism but the half-truth of theistic evolution.


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