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How Important Are Fathers?
Luke 1:17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make...
How important are fathers to their children? First of all, the role of father was given to us by God. But over the last several decades, some have tried to redefine or redesign the family in a way...

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I don't want to overcomplicate the discussion, but here's the thing:

If I answer "The book of Genesis becomes true at chapter 1 verse 1" I have no direct obligation to accept "a literal six-day creation and the global flood of Noah’s time" as this post seems to imply.

Take an example from the other end of the Bible. I believe Revelation to be true, but I have no direct obligation to believe that I will see a literal seven-headed, ten-horned, bear-footed, lion-mouthed chimera of an animal rising out of the sea (the beast, Rev 13:1-2). Nor should I suit up in knightly armor because I expect to see the beast's companion as a literal dragon.

The discussion is too in-depth and complex for a blog entry, so I'm not going to argue the point exhaustively. I do appreciate the fact that apocalypse is a very different genre than theological history, but the same observation applies to both: the genre of the writing is key to how the truth is communicated, and what kinds of truth are addressed. God the Creator gave human writers very great powers of creation when it comes to writing.

As Creationists (six-day, progressive, or whatever brand we fall in), we need to be just as careful with our interpretation of Scripture as we are with our interpretation of the observed facts of Science.

The observed facts of the fossil record and intra-species Natural Selection are not proof of evolution. They are empirical observations, and no more. Evolution is the theory built around them - and that theory stands or falls based on its consistency with those facts.

Creationists can also build a theory around the same facts. Even without bringing Genesis into the picture. Playing on a 'level' field, we can postulate an Intelligent Designer just as rightfully as Evolutionists can postulate an unknown mechanism for cross-species mutation and addition of genetic material.

The real issue is NOT a scientific issue; it is a spiritual issue. Darwinism has a stranglehold on many Christians because they don't understand the difference between fact and theory. In my opinion, this is really part of a much wider 'darkening of our minds" that causes us to fall prey to more error than just bad Science.

Ironically, when it comes to the Bible, Creationists are likely to fall prey to the same error as those who fall to Evolution. We don't understand the difference between the 'fact'--the textual record itself--and our interpretation of it. Nor between our interpretation and what God, as Holy Spirit, actually communicates.

We believe God's Word to be inerrant, for instance...and somehow miss the fact that the 'Word of God is Living and Active' and that we, and our interpretive abilities, are NOT the final arbiters of Truth.

In other words, the Revealed Truth is not 'IN' the text...any more than the 'Truth' of Evolution is 'IN' the facts of the fossil record.

We read the Bible and interpret the textual record we read. Our interpretation is not the Truth; the TRUTH is the inerrant Word that God speaks through the text as we read & interpret it.

We can read about six days of Creation and interpret it as six literal days. Perhaps that IS part of the TRUTH that God speaks through the text. Perhaps it is not. Creationists don't all agree on that point.

The REAL problem, and the really asphyxiating part of Darwinism's stranglehold, is that the OBVIOUS TRUTH that God speaks through the text is that he INTENTIONALLY CREATED with PURPOSE.

However you 'spin' the genre of Genesis, and whatever hermeneutic circle you dance around in, I don't see how you can get around this point. The text clearly communicates this, no matter how you read it.

And if you really do believe that God reveals his inerrant Word through the text of the Bible, then belief in Evolution is OUT OF THE QUESTION.

Evolution is unintentional. 'Creatures' (ironic term, isn't it?) are CHANCE results of a plethora of purposeless events. It requires NO involvement of God, or any kind of Intelligent being anywhere close to the God we know. This kind of claim about the Universe, and Humanity, is TOTALLY OPPOSITE of the obvious message of Genesis.

We're not in danger because we don't believe in six-day Creationism; we're in danger because we choose to disbelieve even the most obvious Word from God. THAT clearly shows how much of a stranglehold we're in...the stranglehold of a force much more sinister than puny Darwinism.


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