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Today's Creation Moment

Unnatural Selection?
Luke 12:33
"Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth...
Just about every public school textbook once included the example of the peppered moth. The moth is used as a prime example of natural selection. Supposedly, as the trees in the English countryside...

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Evolution is a dead theory.Richard Dawkins has lost all gdrnuos There are 100 million fossils which show that animals which lived hundreds of million years ago are exactly the same as their current counterparts. This is clear evidence against evolution. Also, natural selection does not have the capacity to change the genetic code on the DNA. The rabbits may run faster, and survive but they do not turn out to be other more advanced and advantageous creature because their DNA code is not effected. They die in the end along with their faster running legs. Lamarckism is already an outdated theory.Therefore, creation is a fact, evolution could not have happened. Besides, no graduation can explain the irreducible complexity in for instance body organs. Think of the blood, if all blood cells had presumably evolved without the hemoglobin molecule inside, what use? If the stomach did not have the protective tissue to prevent destroying itself due to hydrocholoric acid, what use? If all organs were there but you could not breathe with your lungs and the oxygen was not transferred to each one of your cells, what use?Please think once again before you decide. Evolution really did not happen, cannot have happened there is no evidence, no mechanism. But all findings and science indeed show that there is an anthropic principle behind the universe with incredibly fine tuned quarks in the atom, nuclear power in the nucleus of the atom, 3 billion lettered vast library with immense information in the DNA.Who encoded the DNA?Who made the quarks in the atom?Who set the oxygen in the atmosphere just in the right ratio so that we are not burnt to death?Who mixed water soil and minerals to bring out thousands of vegetation and fruit with wonderful tastes and scents right from the dark earth?God is the Creator of every detail that we see in this universe, and we will see the intelligence and wisdom behind each and every created thing if we look with an open eye (heart).


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