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Not So Bird-Brained
Genesis 1:21
"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his...
How do you take a much needed nap or get a good night's sleep when you must be alert to danger? Human beings designate people to stay awake and watch for danger when they sleep. Then, they set up...

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Is Evolution Just Another Tool in God’s Toolbox?

A warning from Creation Moments: Watch out for the belief - held by many people within the church - that molecules-to-man evolution is compatible with the Bible's teachings. As we've pointed out in many Creation Moments programs and articles, evolution and creation are not compatible in any way. Still, we keep receiving e-mails like this one - from a college professor in the field of science:

"I believe in creation. God is the Master of the Universe and there is no way to return to Him except through his beloved son, Jesus Christ. But, I believe, absolutely, that evolution is simply another tool in God's toolbox - like electricity, chemistry, physics and all other areas of science. When he deems it necessary, he tweaks or controls evolution. Please apply your resources to saving souls, not rewriting God's holy creation!"

Though Creation Moments has been criticized for taking a strong stand against theistic evolution, we continue to affirm that it is nothing less than a complete departure from Christian orthodoxy. Not only does it bow the knee to science, it shows that we can interpret the Bible in any way we wish, undermining both the authority of the Bible and the historicity of the events recorded in God's Word.

Here's a portion of how we responded to the professor: "Biblical creation is totally incompatible with evolution. When you accuse us of rewriting God's holy creation, it's really you who are rewriting God's holy book by saying it really didn't happen in the way it was recorded in the book of Genesis - a book, by the way, which scholars agree is written as an historical narrative."

We contend that theistic evolution is even worse than "natural evolution" - believed in by atheists - because it is an unbiblical philosophy held by people who should know better. As a member of our Facebook group put it so well: "Theistic evolutionists - having a knowledge of Christ as Creator and yet denying His Word - are willfully sinning. What they do, they do not do in ignorance, but in outright rebellion against God."


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