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Today's Creation Moment

What Languages Did Jesus Speak?
John 7:35b
"…will He go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles?"
What languages did Jesus speak during His ministry on Earth? Of course He spoke Aramaic, since that was the common language of the people He taught. When He read from Isaiah in the synagogue in...

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Jason, God can do better than practice evolutionism and he has.

Let's talk spontaneous generation for a moment. It's the idea that nonliving matter can produce life, such as flies being generated by garbage. That theory became obsolete after Pasteur's work. Renaming it abiogenesis doesn't make it any more valid. That's dishonesty for you! It's biogenesis that's the established scientific law, not abiogenesis.

While we're talking about dishonesty, how about the claim that evolution is essentially the equivalent of variation? Variation does not accumulate to become evolution as evolutionists claim, but is restricted within kinds. The two are not even related. Variation is difference occurring within a species. Evolution (also called macroevolution) is the supposition that species are capable of changing into another kind, as in land animals becoming whales.

Simply calling a theory a fact doesn't make it so. What's patently false about saying a theory is a theory? If anything, creationists are being generous to call the theory of evolution a theory. In truth it's a hypothesis that has failed to meet rigorous scientific scrutiny.

You say that science literacy is going to improve the outlook for evolution. But true scientific literacy would be the death nail in evolution's already moldy coffin. So ... bring on the science! Let's just make it accurate for a change.


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