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Today's Creation Moment

A Simian Shakespeare Theatre?
Romans 1:20
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;...
You may never see a troop of monkeys traveling from city to city to perform Shakespeare, but some researchers now believe that monkeys do, indeed, develop culture. This unexpected discovery does not...

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We live in an overly litigated society, where one can pursue legal actions against a fast food chain because you spilled your own coffee on yourself, or charge another fast food chain because you are overweight from eating there too often and so on.

Furthermore, as a recent graduate of University where I studied psychology and some sociology. The majority of the teaching was to lay the blame somewhere else. Nearly all theories or hypotheses teach that nothing is our own fault. It's either your parents' (family) or society's fault for any shortcomings you may have. And so when Christianity teaches the word of God, direct from the Bible I might add, and tells people they should accept responsibility for their own actions, well of course that doesn't go over well. It's easier for people to blame Mom or Dad and say it's because they didn't or did do this or that and that's why I behave this way. It's easier to blame someone else than to say I made the wrong decision. In fact it goes back as far as Adam and Eve, paraphrasing, "It's not my fault, it's Satan's" or "it's the Woman's fault" etc. That said, Christianity does not allow this as an excuse and so it's not surprising (though quite sad) that many cannot and will not accept the entire Gospel as is. This is why people only accept certain parts of the Bible. If they did, then they would admit they are wrong. And today "no one is wrong", they "simply have a difference of opinion" or they "see things in a different way".

Unfortunately that's what we are up against. And I must admit that it is tempting at times to fall into that trap. However, whenever we can with those we love and ourselves we must fight that temptation to blame others and of course we must teach those we love the truth of the Bible. From beginning to end.


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