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Today's Creation Moment

A Simian Shakespeare Theatre?
Romans 1:20
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;...
You may never see a troop of monkeys traveling from city to city to perform Shakespeare, but some researchers now believe that monkeys do, indeed, develop culture. This unexpected discovery does not...

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True science looks at all of the pertinent facts without a predisposed bias. The relevant facts overwhelmingly support the Holy Bible, including a young earth no more than about 10,000 years old. For example, our sun is a controlled Hydrogen fusion reaction that consumes Hydrogen & produces heat, light, & Helium. By consuming Hydrogen at huge rates, it is steadily decreasing in mass; as little as a few million years ago, it would have been enough larger that it would have been effectively a million miles closer to our earth by virtue of its larger diameter. At the present 93 million miles away it gives us a just-right amount of light & heat; if it were 92,000,000 miles away, life could not survive on earth. If you went progressively further back in time, it would have been proportionately hotter on earth, making life even less possible. This distance, 93,000,000 million miles, is one of over 200 "just- right" conditions on our earth, in our solar system, & in our galaxy; these are called anthropic (favorable to man/life) conditions any one of which, if not provided by God in very exact amounts, would make life on earth impossible.

The analogy of a Trojan horse is very appropriate; seemingly a some truth mixed in with some untruths. As theologian Dr. J. Vernon McGee appropriately said, "A half-truth is a whole lie". Two adolescents wanted to see a PG-13 movie that only had "a little profanity, etc". Mom & dad said that they would discuss it & give their children the answer in an hour or so. The children were soon ushered into the kitchen which smelled wonderful because of the fresh-baked brownies. The parents explained that the brownies were made from an excellent brownie recipe with the exception that they contained a little dog poop. Very little, because you were very unlikely to smell or taste it. How do you want your "brownies"? I believe that our God who has spoken this incredibly beautiful universe into existence by the word of His mouth should have no trouble keeping His Word intact over the eons. The facts are there; theistic evolutionists (a half-truth, see above) choose which ones they "want" to believe. Don't depreciate the Word into a polka-dot Bible, believing in a spot here, a spot there, etc.


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