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How Important Are Fathers?
Luke 1:17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make...
How important are fathers to their children? First of all, the role of father was given to us by God. But over the last several decades, some have tried to redefine or redesign the family in a way...

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Of course all paths lead to God. One path is the "broad-way" and leads, ultimately, right to the Great Whtie Throne Judgment where the adherent of the "personal" spiritual path philosophy will meet God and be held accountable for their lives and suffer the penalty due for every transgression of God's law and the dismissal of God's grace as found in Jesus Christ and His sacrificial death for our sins as being "too narrow and exclusive." The other path, the "narrow way" is offered to those who have had their eyes opened to the dire predicament our sins have placed us in, namely the just wrath of God for our rebellion and disobedience. Being found on that path will also lead us to God, but not to judgment, for the judgment due us has been placed upon the Blessed Son of God by His own Father because of the great love He has for us. Lastly, of course the Devil uses religion to keep us from the truth. In the final analysis, all religions, save one, keep our attention upon ourselves and are always promoting in one form or another self-justification. Only one religion, Biblical Christianity, takes the focus from us and places it upon Jesus Christ, the only name given under heaven to men whereby we might be saved. (from the just rewards of our rebellion meted out by a righteous and holy God on Judgment Day.) It is our sins that have separated us from God and, ultimately, their are only two options. Either we face God on our own or we take advantage of the one and only alternative God has so graciously provided, namely the Salvation offered to us in Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son. But don't wait to run to Christ, come now, come today if you hear His voice, for life is filled with uncertainties and we don't know if tomorrow is guaranteed.


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