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Today's Creation Moment

Not So Bird-Brained
Genesis 1:21
"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his...
How do you take a much needed nap or get a good night's sleep when you must be alert to danger? Human beings designate people to stay awake and watch for danger when they sleep. Then, they set up...

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Anonymous, You need to stop being amused and get a clue. BTW, clues come straight from the Bible. See if you can find the Bible text that says "all scriptures are given by God" (2Ti 3:16). That means that God gave Paul the education (Paul sat at the feet of Gamaliel, Acts 22:3) thoughts and knowledge (see above) to write letters to the churches including the church at Rome. Voila - the Book of Romans. The story of Jesus begins in Genesis when God promised that the seed of the woman (Jesus) would crush the serpent's head (Satan). Further, if you do not comprehend the importance of Jesus' childhood as written in both the Old and New Testament then you are an incredibly shallow reader. The story of Jesus' birth and childhood 'fully comprehended' takes many more hours than you have lived, even if you are 99 years old! Right now the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you, and all other humans, is a complete understanding of the part of the story which you say that you do think is "worth mentioning". The Good News is that if you are one of the ransomed, you will have eternity to study "which things the angels desire to look" (1 Peter 1:12).


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