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How Important Are Fathers?
Luke 1:17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make...
How important are fathers to their children? First of all, the role of father was given to us by God. But over the last several decades, some have tried to redefine or redesign the family in a way...

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J Marie, you are not entirely wrong or right. There are those on either side of the argument who would do nothing but yell and name call. That to me is why I love Creation Moments and other organizations such as Answers in Genesis. They present the facts, and at times they do state their opinions; however, when they do that it is clearly marked as their opinion not fact. Whereas many (not all) evolutionists will state something is fact when it is not, or they will resort to name calling and so forth. I suggest, to quote those who say "people should start thinking for themselves", that many of us should do just that. However, this statement may be made in reference to peoples' belief in God/ religion. I would say that science, specifically evolutionary science, is a religion in which individuals believe that science has laws and certain requirements for things to be considered true or plausible and evidence is to be reached through impartial practices. Except, of course, those rules don't apply to evolutionary theory (i.e., 1st law of thermodynamics and the big bang don't go together, to note just one). This site has many more examples of such manipulations or omissions of facts.

OF course the question is, if they follow those individuals' advice and "think for themselves", are they really thinking for themselves? For example: one individual tell others through the radio to don't be sheep, then the individual says "come to the park for a big pillow fight". Those that go are just "sheep". All I can say is, yes I am a sheep, but at least I know my Shepherd will not harm me and does not want any harm to come to me. In fact he is preparing a great and perfect life for me and all his sheep. What are the other shepherds preparing?


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