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Today's Creation Moment

God's Gifts and God's Gift
John 15:1
"I AM the true vine, and My Father is the husbandman."
The evolutionary story of man's history tells us that it took man tens of thousands of years to figure out he could farm crops for himself. Yet, today we know that some termites, ants and ambrosia...

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Your mention of the domino effect when one tries to modify what the Bible says reminded me of a joke I heard awhile ago:

A certain young fellow is sitting at the kitchen table reading from Exodus. At one point he exclaims, "Wow, what a miracle!"

His older brother, a skeptic, sitting on the couch nearby, replies, "Ok, what?"

The younger brother says, "God split the water of the Red Sea in two, and Moses and the Israelites walked across without even getting their feet wet!"

The older brother replies, "It wasn't the Red Sea, it was the Reed Sea, which was only ankle-deep water. There wasn't any miracle, they just waded across and only their feet got wet."

To which the younger brother replies, "Oh" and keeps on reading. Pretty soon he says, "Wow, what a miracle!" again.

The older brother says, "Now what?"

"God drowned Pharaoh and all his army in only ankle-deep water!"


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