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Today's Creation Moment

Meerkat School
Exodus 4:15b
"... and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do."
Behavioral researchers define teaching very specifically. First, of course, a teacher must have pupils. Then the teacher must be less efficient in doing whatever he is doing than he normally would be...

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In circa 1965, my husband's professor at Arizona State U taught that (1) by the year 2000, human bodies would shrink from lack of use and (2) human heads would be huge because the brain would be used more than the body. I had a high school science teacher who said that someday we would only eat a pill that would contain all the nutrients we need. (So much for constipation, HA!) ... Baby boomer generation was also taught that we would never have to worry about the cost of power for our homes and autos because everything would be nuclear, which would be very cheap. ... Unfortunately, my 61 year old sister believed the evolutionary teachings that she was taught. It messed her up, and she says she "never got it" about the God thing. To make things worse, my niece who is a Ph.D. student at Stanford U in California thinks that it is okay to accept the teaching that the universe was created by an explosion. This Ph.D. scientist believes that Christians can accept evolutionary thinking. I tell her to read the Bible, just Genesis, with the mind of a scientist and that the creation of the world is explained there in pretty scientific terms. I also find that many many Christians do not even know that there was NO RAIN until after the Great Flood. My older sister says, "That's impossible." Then I explain that the Earth was mostly a tropical climate with plants being watered by a mist (evaporation and condensation). When people learn that the water came from beneath the land masses during the flood, they can then understand that the whole Earth was flooded, that is, covered, and that many of the land masses were raised and flipped over. That's huge!


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