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Today's Creation Moment

God Helps Design a Better Submarine
Psalm 69:34
"Let the heaven and earth praise Him, the seas, and everything that moveth therein."
Engineers who design vehicles to move through fluids face a quandary. A torpedo-shaped vehicle can move quickly and efficiently through a fluid like water, but it is difficult to maneuver precisely...

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Anyone could change their mind given a certain situation. Example: Lets say a woman couldn't have the abortion she wanted because she was raped. The rapist was of the utmost disgust and cared nothing for the likes of humanity. Unfortunately, some of those genetics were passed along and that child grew up alongside your very own child. One day years down the road, your child was raped or murdered by the rapist's child. Would you not have heart-wrenching, mind-changing pains? If your child were raped, would you want them to have an abortion or have that child? What if it were such a traumatizing event that it prevented your child from being saved or losing their faith? If your child had that child, would you want them to give it up? If so, why? Think about your answer.

Lots of speculation and "ifs", but think about it.


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