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Today's Creation Moment

Abimelech the Watermelon
Judges 9:53
"And a certain woman cast a piece of a millstone upon Abimelech's head, and all to brake his skull."
In the book of Judges we read of how "a certain woman" gave the Philistine leader Abimelech a skull fracture when she threw a millstone on him from a tower. Some biblical scholars concluded that no...

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"Creeps", "Jerks" and "Punks on Librium"

The Creation Moments group on Facebook is filled with interesting discussions … and an equal number of interesting people. Today's guest blogger is artist and author Philip Snow, who responded to the following question: When talking to evolutionists and atheists, Christians too often spend all their time defending what they believe against a barrage of attacks. If we want to turn the tables, go on the offensive, and bring up subjects that will upset their apple-cart, what are some good things we can say or ask?

There are at least FOUR IMPOSSIBILITIES that I usually try to talk about: [1] The impossibility that a Random Big Bang in Nothingness could produce anything coherent, let alone the incredibly ordered cosmos, heavenly bodies, life and love, etc. [2] The impossibility that life could come from non-life, an ignorant superstition disproven scientifically by Louis Pasteur hundreds of years ago. [3] The impossibility that slime could turn into people by trillions of genetic mistakes, which are 99.9% destructive or at best neutral. [4] The impossibility that all this could happen without leaving an indisputable "Missing Link", when billions are needed for the some 20 million life forms on the planet today.

I also like to point out that each new, Babylonian-ish theory of Evolution contradicts the previous one!

[1] CREEPS: Traditional Darwinism with its completely fantasized squillions of "finely graded transitions" … although that should make it impossible to separate anything "specially"!

[2] JERKS: Gould and Eldredge's Punctuated Equilibrium [aka "Punks on Librium"] – things change too quickly to record in the fossils, or in all those convenient geological gaps, but which was only invented to explain away "the trade secret of evolution" [Gould] – the complete lack of "Missing Links"!

[3] EVO-DEVO - Evolutionary Developmental Biology (with the emphasis on Mental) – NO CREEPS "finely graded chain", NO JERKS evidence of rapid change – so what the bleep can we come up with now!? ANSWER: Do some actual real science for a change! Discover the wonderful CREATIONIST truth that everything is made from the same genetic blueprint!


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