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Today's Creation Moment

Has Your Great Great-Grandfather Been Born Yet?
Genesis 5:2
"Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created."
Has your great great-grandfather been born yet? If he hasn't, he's not your great great-grandfather! This might seem like a silly question. But when it comes to the claimed evolutionary fossil...

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No, it was human nature, not Martin Luther, that opened the door to numerous "Christian religions." Even in the days of the Apostles, groups were splintering off for a variety of reasons. Some because of misinterpretation of the Scriptures, some because of false shepherds, some due to wresting Scriptures from context, some due to inherent racism and pride, and for other reasons. If you think Martin Luther's legacy is that he opened a Pandora's box of multi-denominationalism, you don't know true history. Despite his faults, at least Luther got some of the people to start thinking for themselves instead of slavishly obeying the dictates of a church spawned from the nether regions of places no true Christian wants to go.

The church headed by the Pope (and one that is sympathetic to evolution ideas) is not the best example to use when one wants to affirm that we should not be "changing God." Oh, it's true that the "Sacred Tradition" kept "people together and away from changing God" in the respect that for centuries that church was steeped in avarice so deep that it kept the Scriptures from the common people who were too ignorant of those Scriptures to know what to believe. That church decided what truth was and what the people should believe. Many millions who tried to think for themselves and follow Bible truth paid with all kinds of persecution. It was ignorance and force that kept people enslaved to a hierarchical church for most of the past 2k years. Most of the myths and superstitions associated with the Christian faith sprang from the teachings of that religio/political power based in Rome. Thus, the very church you are defending was the one that "changed God" more than the vast majority of other "Christian religions."

And my how that church has changed. Now it clasps hands with false religions around the world in order to promote a global faith. And the appearance of tolerance of pedophile priests, well, that's another matter. All this is just the beginning of a church headed by one presumed to be sinless. So, no, a Pope is not a good thing to have.


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