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Today's Creation Moment

Midnight Migrating Moths
Genesis 12:1
"Now the Lord had said unto Abraham, 'Get thee out of thy country ... unto a land that I will shew thee.'"
It was a moonless night over England. A specially designed radar picks up something that has never been seen before. The radar is picking up silver Y moths as they migrate south for the winter. What...

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I wrote a poem to help folks (young and old) to understand the six days of Creation.

In the beginning, God made the world.
He just hung it in space, and gave it a whirl.
There was no sun, but there was plenty of light,
because the glory of the Lord was shining real bright.
And the earth was turning, so that made day and night.

That was day one, but God wasn't through,
so He got started on day number two,
when He made the beautiful sky of blue,
with a special cover over the earth.

Then He got going on day number three,
when He made dry land, plants, and fruit trees.
And God saw that everything was good.

But plants need a special kind of light to grow,
and that can't wait too long, you know,
so on day four, He made the sun, and the moon and stars.

God made animals that live in the seas,
and He made birds that live in the trees.
That was day five, and everything was good.

On day six, He made dinosaurs,
and other animals that live outdoors,
like cattle, and little creepy things.
Some crawled around, but others had wings.

He did a lot of work, but He wasn't finished.
He made man in His own image.
Then, He rested on the next day, number seven.

In just six days, He put it all together,
but some people say, "Well, whatever!".
Because they don't really believe that it happened that way.

So, I'm praying that they will come to the Lord,
trust in Him, and in His Holy Word,
and live the rest of their lives glorifying and honoring our
amazing, wonderful, and matchless Creator!

copyright, Harry Moore, 2011


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