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The Importance of Good Parents
Ephesians 6:1
"Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right."
Do good parents undo their best efforts when they place a child in day care? Who has more influence on a child's development when that child must be placed in day care? Recently we have heard about...

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Greetings from Australia... Richard's sentiments are quite true... The legacy of Vincent of Lerins, whose famous dictum basically enshrined the modern Augustinian doctrine of ecumenism, and fellowship amongst the various differing Christian denominations based upon the "least common denominators", ( the Gospel and good works) has seen the expulsion of the serious study and acceptance of the books of Moses and Joshua, particularly the book of Genesis, from Christendom's vocabulary.. " Union at all cost" is the present catchword, and anything that may impede such union is deemed as too "divisive" and too "fanatical", especially the Books of Moses and Joshua, and the testimony to Creation by Design and Geocentrism which these books unequivocally testify to and support... When we recall that Copernicus, who was a disciple of the pagan "father" of philosophy; Pythagoras, and the pseudo-Christian pseudo-scientists of the Renaissance such as Giordano Bruno, Marsilio Ficino, Galileo and other Neo-Platonists, were more interested in reviving Pythagoreanism philosophy than in following and affirming the "Faith as once given", and that their ultimate goal was the erosion of all popular confidence in the testimony of Scripture, so as to revive the paganism of Neoplatonism (which Darwin and Huxley also embraced), we then begin to realize that such erosion must commence at the beginning of the Bible itself, if it is to commence at all. Hence the onslaught against the book of Genesis and the writings of Moses and Joshua, for it is from their testimony that we acquire the first intimations of young-Cosmos/Earth Creationism and Geocentrism, and God's grand work of design in nature and man... The tapestry of Holy Scripture, from Genesis to the Apocalypse, must never be frayed or torn if our testimony is to remain true. Indeed, when a trumpet sounds, it is the book of Beginnings; the book of Genesis, that sounds first and lays the foundation for the others by dispelling and destroying the "wisdom of the wise ( philosophers) of this world" and by laying the axe to the tree of that "mystery of iniquity"; the great lie of Evolutionism and Copernicanism that is currently believed and taught by the entire world... The trumpet must sound certain, and our certainty is based on a sure foundation: the Holy Scripture that begins with Genesis, is fulfilled in the Gospels, and is completed by the Apocalypse...

From Peter Cvek, Australia.....


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