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Today's Creation Moment

One Smelly Amoeba
Job 9:25-26
"Now my days are swifter than a post: they flee away, they see no good. They are passed away as the swift ships: as the eagle that hasteth to the prey."
Not all dangerous predators can be seen. One of the most dangerous predators in a drop of pond water is Amoeba proteus. This amoeba literally terrorizes its one celled pond mates because they can...

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I have been studying this phenomenon in great detail lately. This phenomenon is actually a symptom of something which can be identified.

The illustration of Neil Armstrong, though a whimsical concocted analogy, is an accurate illustration pointing out a phenomenon that is becoming more and more frequent today. It is not only showing up more frequently, it is already well-entrenched and growing at a steady pace.

This phenomenon manifests itself by discrediting information sources. In nearly every case, however, the sources used to discredit legitimate sources are themselves, in reality, highly illegitimate and shaky.

Case in point: An atheist recently discredited the King James Version of the Bible to me on the grounds of the attitudes regarding divorce held by King James himself. There are numerous problems with this atheist's argument, of course. But the point is that this atheist’s source of discrediting information came from Pop Culture and Internet Sub-Culture sources. Such things are shaping popular culture’s perceptions today.

As I said, it is more helpful to see beyond the mere presence of this phenomenon and recognize it as a symptom of something which can be identified.

Probably the best place to begin to look to identify what is going on is in Genesis 11:1-9. This is the story of the Tower of Babel. This should be a beacon and a huge signpost to us today, like a sign over a freeway, showing us something up ahead or something at work.

Notice 3 things about what happened: (1) Men not understanding one another due to different languages, (2) Men of (seemingly) the same language not able to understand one another, and, perhaps most importantly, (3) Men not being able to understand God’s people.

Fast-forward to Act 2:6, many centuries later. I’ll leave that for you to read and consider in the light of Genesis 11:1-9.

Now, fast-forward again to today. Talk is everywhere as it has never been before. Truth claims are regarded as opinion. Even the provision of historical data is ridiculed and branded not just unreliable, but laughable, and it is done so on the most spurious of grounds.

Contending with this atheist tactic by conventional means will send us around in circles chasing our own tails. But contend with it we must, though by using other methods, because it is a subtle technique being used to silence truth.

What method will be efficacious? For a suggestion, consider implications contained in John 1:5.


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