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Today's Creation Moment

Has Your Great Great-Grandfather Been Born Yet?
Genesis 5:2
"Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created."
Has your great great-grandfather been born yet? If he hasn't, he's not your great great-grandfather! This might seem like a silly question. But when it comes to the claimed evolutionary fossil...

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A "feeling experience." Yes, Oprah and many others want us to believe that everyone with a good heart will go to Heaven when they die. With that belief, there's no need for Christ. He died on the cross in vain! I stopped watching Oprah and listening to her half-truths and distortions long ago. Long before she began preaching her own incorrect interpretations of God, His morality and His will. A long, LONG time ago when I was seven years old, I watched a movie about Jesus for the first time and I wept because of what was done to Him at the end. I have always believed in Him since that day. How could I not? How could anyone not? No one had to teach me or preach to me. I believed right then and there, and have ever since. Over the years I've met or learned about many people who have interpreted the Word of God incorrectly. Sometimes it was because of simple ignorance, and for those I tried tactfully to show them the errors of their ways whenever I could. At other times it was because of pride and greed. People are constantly making incorrect assumptions or coming to incorrect conclusions about what the Bible tells us, as well as incorrectly quoting from the Bible. Those who do this, purposefully or not, are aiding and abetting the Devil. Many of our Christian churches today teach almost no true Bible doctrine anymore. This is sad, even tragic. They have become politically correct bastions of liberalism, doing more harm than good. I believe this is all according to plan. The plan of Satan himself. Any time we can be convinced that the Bible is wrong, even in a very minor way, it gives him one more nail to drive into the coffin that he is trying to bury Christianity in!


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