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Today's Creation Moment

Midnight Migrating Moths
Genesis 12:1
"Now the Lord had said unto Abraham, 'Get thee out of thy country ... unto a land that I will shew thee.'"
It was a moonless night over England. A specially designed radar picks up something that has never been seen before. The radar is picking up silver Y moths as they migrate south for the winter. What...

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The only time there's ever conflict between science and faith is when science departs from observable evidence and goes straight into conjecture. In fact, scientists are practicing a "faith" of their own — faith that is unsupported and unsupportable. The things scientists say are reality often only exist in the scientists' mind. Real faith is not like that. Real faith is based on what you see operating in your life as you humble yourself before the Lord and let him guide and direct you. Real faith leads you to a real God, whom you can know for yourself with a knowledge that surpasses in every way the things of earth.

Tie yourself to the scientist, and you'll sink in the sand. But tether yourself to the Lord, and you're built upon a solid rock, for he never changes.


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