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Today's Creation Moment

After Their Kinds
Genesis 1:12
“And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was...
How wonderful! Your dog has just had puppies! But do you now have to sort through the litter and make sure there are no baby giraffes or kangaroos? In God’s account of creation in Genesis 1, we...

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Faith does not lead to the easiest answer possible. Lack of faith leads to the easiest answer possible. For example, a Christian will believe that he or she must live up to a higher moral standard in most cases (some of them choose not to); meaning they must deny themselves several indulgences in life for the benefit of not just themselves but of others around them or that their life may impact. Someone without faith can live without thought of consequence in many instances and may not aspire to any moral standard; thereby taking the easiest and simplest form of logic and assuming that if something makes them feel good, then it is best to fulfill that indulgence. Your example relies on a human flaw because humans are flawed, including scientists. There are no perfect beings currently residing on this planet. No matter how many people or how many hours are spent coming to a conclusion that conclusion is not necessarily the correct conclusion. Look at how many scientific conventions have been challenged and proved to be incorrect. This trend will continue to happen going forward because of politicial, financial, and yes religious motivations. Please try to consider logic in your conclusions and statements. Your entire statement of the creation of humanity is entirely made based on conjecture. You say "probably occurred" because like the rest of us, even with science, you have no definitive answers. The real flaw is to believe that any one person or group of people has all of the answers and that all other beliefs are wrong. All of us have logical conclusions that may or may not be proven to be correct.


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