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Not So Bird-Brained
Genesis 1:21
"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his...
How do you take a much needed nap or get a good night's sleep when you must be alert to danger? Human beings designate people to stay awake and watch for danger when they sleep. Then, they set up...

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The solution to the challenge of deception by "anonymous" is for paleontologists and others in Academia to test for C-14 in dinosaur bones in bone repositories world-wide. Deletion of abstracts from web sites just because the data does not agree with the current paradigm of origins is censorship as the abstract was originally approved for delivery AND THEN PRESENTED. Regarding the 22,000 to 39,000 year range the actual or real age could have been much younger as noted below as well as other very good scientific reasons.

14C ages for dinosaurs from Texas to Alaska and even China and Europe show that the alleged 65 - 225 M years between man and dinosaurs do not exist. Could their bones be even younger than 22,000-39,000 radiocarbon years obtained at five different labs including the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia? Yes! The long 14C ages for “some” living plants suggest that 10,000 14C years & beyond for dinosaurs & other life forms could be their maximum 14C ages. Real ages could be much younger depending on 14C content of ingested nutrients.* Could dinosaurs have interacted with historical man as distinct depictions of many “dragons” alias dinosaurs and their embellishments suggest? Yes, books and web sites document dinosaur depictions world-wide.** Lab reports available.
* False Older 14C Ages from Old Carbon Absorption
10,000 RC(a) years for a living tree growing next to a German airport as a result of consuming old carbon dioxide from engine exhausts [1].
17,300 to 24,750 RC years BP for living plants growing in 14C deficient water of Montezuma’s well of Arizona; some living gastropods will give very old ages too [2]. The base rock of this is limestone
4800 RC years BP for a live plant subjected to gas from an ancient carbon dioxide source thus confirming the mechanism and the field to lab C-14 data. [3]. (a) RC is Radiocarbon - another name for 14C; by admitting an electron, 14C with a half-life of 5730 ± 40 years decays into the stable non-radioactive isotope Nitrogen -14.
[1] “Recording gaseous exchange under field conditions,” The Physiology of Forest Trees, K. V. Thinmann ed., New York, (1958) p. 194, cited in Ginenthal, op cit. p. 174.

[2] “Radiocarbon and pollen evidence for a sudden change in climate in the Great Lakes Region 10,000 years ago,” Quarternary Paleoecology, E. J. Cushing, H. E. Wright, Jr. eds., New Haven, CT, (1967) p. 119, cited in Ginenthal, op cit., p. 175.

[3] “Radiocarbon dates in living plants based on absorbing of old carbon containing gases,” Radiocarbon Journal, (1998) 40 #1 p. 57-60.

PREPARED BY HUGH MILLER of the Paleo Group, Box 2613, Columbus OH 43216 with the assistance of Dr. Robert Bennett, physicist, USA & Dr. Marie Clair van Oosterwych, mineralogist of France who co-discovered the above field/lab references.

** Nelson, Vance, 2011. Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Dire Dragons. Untold Secrets of Planet Earth Publishing Company, Box 25147, Deer Park P.O. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4R2M2 <a href="" title=""></a> ≈500 to 5,000 real years.

Swift, Dennis, 2006. Secrets of the Ica Stones publisher N/A; available on Amazon or <a href="" title=""></a> ≈500 to 1500 real years in Mexico & SA etc. CONCLUSION: If the 14C ages in the 1000’s of years for other dinosaurs and shale world-wide prove consistently reproducible by other scientists then most dinosaurs in the fossil record must have met their end in a universal cataclysm as science suggests; BUT, 2000 times more recently than the conventional wisdom of 65 Ma BP. Needless to say this is indeed an explosive topic but scientists have an obligation to check such important anomalies for validity as part of the scientific method and search for truth in science. An international conference of experts could be convened to design field & lab research studies using modern paleohydraulics (how sediments and rocks form), mineralogy (how minerals form) and 14C dating methods.


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