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Today's Creation Moment

Has Your Great Great-Grandfather Been Born Yet?
Genesis 5:2
"Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created."
Has your great great-grandfather been born yet? If he hasn't, he's not your great great-grandfather! This might seem like a silly question. But when it comes to the claimed evolutionary fossil...

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A much more valuable and ongoing sets of comparison have been carried out on a great many DIFFERENT kinds of reliable age indicators, such as tree rings. C-14 methods correlate remarkably well. (Comparisons with recently deceased animals would be pointless. Carbon 14 dating is not use on some animal that died a few months ago. It is used over periods of many centuries and millenia.)

Let's be honest with ourselves. Carbon-14 and other radiometric dating methods (and the great many NON-radiometric dating methods) all harmonize well and are remarkably useful. The ONLY people who doubt them have sectarian reasons for doing so. Indeed, I was once one of them. Because my church doubted them, I doubted them. That was my only reason. Yes, I could find websites written by people with similar Biblical reasons for doubting the facts and I felt reaffirmed by them. But that is not how evidence is examined. We can't reject data just because we dislike the implications for our worldview.

Happily, I found eventually that God's creation poses no conflict with God's Bible. The conflicts are when man-made traditions insists that the Bible MUST say what the tradition wants it to say.


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