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How Important Are Fathers?
Luke 1:17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make...
How important are fathers to their children? First of all, the role of father was given to us by God. But over the last several decades, some have tried to redefine or redesign the family in a way...

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Here's the rest of the story of how this song came to be written.

“What do you believe about the Bible?”

A lady I once knew taught kindergarten in a church school. Each year before classes started, she took the time to put all of that curriculum’s religious materials way down in the back of the bottom cabinet. Although she professed to be a Christian, she didn’t want to “impose her beliefs” on others. After all, she was a church member from a different denomination.

One day this teacher came to work positively FURIOUS! It seemed that there was talk of having CREATIONISM taught right alongside evolution at her child’s public school!

When I asked her why that made her so angry, she said that she didn’t want her children “indoctrinated with religious propaganda.” Everyone “KNEW” that Evolution was “scientific truth,” and she wanted her children to get a “proper” education.

Now, THAT little outburst of hers certainly raised a question, didn’t it?

What did she actually BELIEVE about the Bible?

When I asked her that very question, her reply was that the Bible is “a good book full of nice stories with sound moral teachings, but it’s NOT the ‘TRUTH’.” She went on to say that the Bible was based on a true story but much of it was “a bunch of tales told by shepherds around campfires, NOT ‘THE Word of God’.”

At the same time the above drama was taking place, other folks in my Sunday School class were attempting to “harmonize” Evolution and Creationism. They bought into the idea that the Biblical account is merely how everything “evolved” and that the “days” of creation were actually ERAS lasting millions and millions of years, not 24 hours.

While there are thousands of problems with their “harmonization” attempt, one simple detail should suffice. If we look at the Biblical account of Creation, we’ll notice that God created plants on the 3rd day and then the Sun on the 4th. Plants can do without sunlight for 24 hours, but MILLIONS OF YEARS? I don’t think so. Do you?

This was all frustrating for me. I knew the answer, but I didn’t know how to communicate it. As a result of the combination of that “Christian” teacher being ashamed of the Gospel and the misguided attempt to “harmonize” Evolution and Creationism at my own church, I “downloaded” a new song that night in which God makes it crystal clear that we have to choose.

We just can’t have it both ways!


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