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Today's Creation Moment

The Importance of Good Parents
Ephesians 6:1
"Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right."
Do good parents undo their best efforts when they place a child in day care? Who has more influence on a child's development when that child must be placed in day care? Recently we have heard about...

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Evolutionism is such complete nonsense that I had to pen a humorous poem about it. Hope it gives you a chuckle and makes you think. Blessings.

An Evolutionary Tale
By G. Weldon Searles

Sinclair the tanker truck
Evolved from a slick
Dripped from an oil pan
Lickety Split

Out a valve cover
It slid down the block
And dropped to the earth below
Where it had stopped

The molecules mixed
With the minerals there
And doubled in size
And congealed into pairs

And mixed with the shavings
Of metal and sand
On the side of the road
In this junk yard lands plan

Remnants of retreads
Evolved into tires
The sun melted quartz sand
For computer chips and truck wires

More quartz melted and flowed
Into sheet of clear glass
For windshields and mirrors
And tail lights at last

Milk from dandelion stalks
Mixed with sap from the trees
Melding into plastic
And the vinyls they’d need

The iron ore soil
Now well baked in the sun
Morphed into steel
For the body and wheel drums

Although this took longer
Than one could imagine
The truck had evolved
Into full running fashion

Now If you believe this
Could happen that way
From previously created
Materials to assay

And compile and organize
All on its own
In perfect precision
Then masterly cloned

You may fall for this theory
That from Darwin has grown
That from a dot out in nothingness
Comes all that we’ve known

Organized and evolved
And more intricately compiled
Without intelligence needed
Or any designer on file

And has upwardly ordered
From dead to the living
From simple to complex
Offered without any misgivings

But what we really have here
Is evolution pseudoscience
An explanation contrived
Sans God in defiance

Who worship the creature
Rather than the Creator
Attributing all power
To eons of time as initiator

A world view that’s deplete
Of any God as the source
A Religion of Faith
In nonsense at its core.


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