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Today's Creation Moment

Midnight Migrating Moths
Genesis 12:1
"Now the Lord had said unto Abraham, 'Get thee out of thy country ... unto a land that I will shew thee.'"
It was a moonless night over England. A specially designed radar picks up something that has never been seen before. The radar is picking up silver Y moths as they migrate south for the winter. What...

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Evolutionary "scientists" have several problems.

The First is the very concept of Materialism that they embrace. Everything that is has always been, without purpose!! But they will tell you that nothing happens without a "First Cause"!! Nothing. So there has to be a "First Cause", and therefore, purpose. But Materialism denies purpose.

Second: Order out of Chaos. An absolute impossibility. Statistics prove this cannot happen.

Third: The underlying problem with the Big Bang Theory and Materialism is the concept that randomly everything was created from Nothing. With No Purpose. And then eventually developed into something that appears to have Purpose, and Balance., i.e., Nature. This implies that matter has a conscience and that inanimate material can direct its own development.

One of my college Professors was honest enough to say that, regarding Evolution, "We have no proof! None, No proof whatsoever! BUT WE'RE CERTAIN THAT IT HAPPENED!" That's only because they absolutely deny any other possibility, which, of course, would be Creation by a Creator God, with Purpose and Love!

Or is it really easier, and more rational, to believe that Matter created itself and directed its own advancement?? All in the face of a decaying Universe?? Can't explain Matter, can't explain Gravity, can't explain Atomic Theory (other than by conjecture, just like Evolution), can't explain Entropy of the declining rate of Entropy, can't explain Light or the declining rate of Light . Can't explain the origins of Life.
"Science" is in a very poor position to judge whether or not God exists.


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