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Today's Creation Moment

Glass Insects in Space!
Psalm 9:1
"I will praise Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all Thy marvelous works."
Brine shrimp and water bears are tiny animals that are able to basically freeze dry into a state of suspended animation and then return to active life. Scientists have learned that they do this by...

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There is but one reason for the theory of evolutionism: a desire to escape the justice of God. It has no basis in logic. Evolutionists hate any mention of design for the sole purpose that they wish to avoid the Designer. And why? It is because they have no desire to humble themselves before a righteous God, but instead want to raise up their heads in wickedness.

It's the same for Christians who allow for evolutionism. They are only interested in being accepted by the wicked rather than being rejected by them. You can easily spot someone who wants to avoid the Lord. He or she will always bring in what other people say and go by that instead of what the Lord has said. Time and again, I have heard the argument that this many or that many humans believe something, therefore it makes it true. Well, humans believe a great many silly things, but the silliest of all is that they can disobey God and get away with it. And denying what the Lord has said so you can accept what people say is one sure-fire way to not only be inaccurate, but make yourself unfit for heaven.

This really reminds me of people who claim they are Christians but deny Christ is God. Well, the very definition of a Christian is you know Christ is God and you must obey Him and Him alone. Stating that many people believe Christ is less than God will not change the fact that he is the Almighty, and I do mean Almighty. All the theories on evolutionism will not reduce Him one whit, but you, as a human, can and will be reduced to the nothingness that you are without the Lord's help.


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