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Today's Creation Moment

One Smelly Amoeba
Job 9:25-26
"Now my days are swifter than a post: they flee away, they see no good. They are passed away as the swift ships: as the eagle that hasteth to the prey."
Not all dangerous predators can be seen. One of the most dangerous predators in a drop of pond water is Amoeba proteus. This amoeba literally terrorizes its one celled pond mates because they can...

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Christians who claim to believe in evolutionism are, in fact, merely more interested in peer approval than they are in having the Lord's approval. In other words, they only want to hang out with other humans who lift themselves up in wickedness. They don't want to humble themselves before the Lord.

You can always track down what's behind every kind of human foible, and it's inevitably pride. How proud is the human who lifts himself up even against God! Going to church doesn't make you obedient. Hearkening to the voice of the Lord does. Don't even bother to go to church and tell yourself you're a good person if you don't want to listen to the Lord. Just forget it. You're nothing better than a hypocrite.

I've heard plenty of people at church talk about how it's important not to lose anybody so (1) provide entertainment that's agreeable at church, (2) don't tell anyone to dress appropriately when they enter the house of the Lord, and (3) pretend that everyone can disagree as much as they like with the Lord and it's perfectly okay.

Well, it's not okay. And you can measure exactly where people stand by whether they object to the word of the Lord. I've gotten up in church and told the congregation that as Christians they had no excuse for disagreeing with the Lord and following after the vain philosophies of the world, and it was a very unpopular message. Why? Because a lot of people treat church as a social club. It's just a place to associate with others while patting yourself on the back.

Well, the Lord's not going to be patting anyone on the back who is busy disagreeing with Him. People who can never listen to the Lord because they want to go along with the crowd will exclude themselves from heaven.

If you do not know for yourself, for an absolute certainty, exactly what happened during the planning, design, and execution of creation, it's your responsibility to check with the Lord directly. And when you get His response, you will find out the scriptures are accurate, and creation really was far, far more specific and planned than you ever thought, and beautifully done, instantly, without the slightest possibility of evolution, either in heaven or on earth.


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