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Today's Creation Moment

Meerkat School
Exodus 4:15b
"... and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do."
Behavioral researchers define teaching very specifically. First, of course, a teacher must have pupils. Then the teacher must be less efficient in doing whatever he is doing than he normally would be...

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Since evolution requires billions of years (according to the evolutionists) and the earth is only thousands of years old (according to the Bible) if one subscribes to any of the Darwinian theories, they have to somehow defend their hypothesis of billions of years. They have yet to do so effectively, and convincingly. This premise is as true for atheists as for theistic evolutionists.

When I chose reading material, or a Bible expositor from available media sources on a subject that even hints of a billion year old universe, I tend to discount most of the content as conjecture. This includes well known Bible commentators and pastors. My logic is the same as the pro-choice churchmen, liberal theologians, and the LGBT-supporting clergy. If they can't recognize the most basic tenets of Christianity, they have nothing of use to me.


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