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Avoid the trap of a compromised message

Mark Cadwallader

Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

There I was sitting at my laboratory desk – assailed by doubts as a new Christian, feeling desperate for answers to my many questions. I prayed fervently for the Lord’s help, and I was shortly reminded of a radio Bible teacher whose 15-minute program was about to start. I went to my truck, listened in, and heard a message about how faith comes before understanding.

It was exactly the message I needed to hear, and I went back to my desk comforted by the teaching and the answer to prayer! Indeed, I found that the Lord honored my desire for understanding as I first stepped on ahead in faith.

The faith-first approach is key to the Christian life. We not only “live by faith”, we “walk by faith”, and then we are led into wisdom and understanding. It’s when we are impatient or fearful that we can be led into compromise. And that is what has happened to the professing church to a large extent under the assault of evolutionism.

Much of modern compromised theology could be called fear-based theology – because it is based on fear that the evolutionists and sophisticated natural philosophers might be right. As a result, compromised interpretations of biblical Scripture have arisen to try to accommodate the long ages of naturalism and evolution.

Educated Christians especially are conditioned to fear the intellectual and scientific monopoly which supports evolution and its suppositions. The Gap Theory, Day-Age Theory, Progressive Creationism, Theistic Evolution, and much of the Intelligent Design (I.D.) movement are compromised approaches to the revelation of Scripture.

Intelligent Design, for example, steps far back in the origins debate to argue for something less than faith in God – less even than deism. Their official strategy of arguing for “design” – but excluding the God of the Bible from the discussion – leaves them no other power for changing the hearts and minds of their audience than their own finite intellects.

By not teaching the early chapters of Genesis in their clearest interpretation, the compromised views on creation mentioned above have encouraged the church to step away from engaging the culture on very important battlefields – such as what really constitutes “science”. It has caused the church to abandon to a pagan culture the truth that God is clearly the intellectual high ground because all nature testifies of Him (Job 12:7-10, Romans 1:19-20). And it has weakened the church’s position in defending the integrity of the Scriptures. The various compromises have hastened the collapse of Western Civilization from a consensus Judeo-Christian worldview to the naturalistic/humanistic/post-modern worldview that dominates our day.

This is why I was pleased to see the recent Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate attract a much bigger audience than the Super Bowl! Biblical Creation can go toe-to-toe with secular materialistic science, even when presented by a professional science enthusiast and evolution promoter. The literal textual approach to biblical interpretation has been vindicated through much science in recent years. And where science has not caught up to the Bible, we exercise the faith-first approach because God is our refuge and strength!

As C.S Lewis wrote about in The Screwtape Letters, our adversary uses the powerful weapon of ridicule among many other facades of rationality in the modern world. And he will cast scorn and derision upon those who believe the biblical version of origins – because he wants to pull people out of the faith grounded – as it must be – in Scripture. I’m sure Satan would have wanted me as a young Christian man to have given in to my doubts while I sat at my lab desk and walked away from the Christian faith those many years ago.

We need courage, and spiritual weapons, because ultimately our battle takes place beyond the soul, beyond the mind – into the spirit. It is part of the spiritual warfare we are in. We access God by faith, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God, not by listening to professors of natural philosophy.

We must not fall into the trap of a compromised message. That is why we so appreciate you, our partner, standing with us in proclaiming the truth of Creation! As Christians, rather than be drawn through compromise toward pagan, godless worldviews, we need to stand our ground, raise the banner of truth and draw them toward us!

The Lord has given to you and to Creation Moments the responsibility of raising that banner of truth and proclaiming His truth all over the world. When we are faithful in doing that, God is faithful in changing lives.

“When I first became a Christian, my new faith was shaken by the teachings of evolution. Thanks to Creation Moments, though, I learned that science and the Bible are compatible and that evolution is refuted by scientific evidence. I don't know what would have happened in my life had it not been for the materials I read from Creation Moments!” – S.S.

“I have really been blessed through Creation Moments. I’m finally learning the truth about God's Creation instead of the errors I learned in school!” – B.C.

Renewal and revival can only come through the power of His Word and Spirit as people find faith and power and answers for life in a hostile world. At Creation Moments, we are so thankful for you being with us in raising the standard!