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The Myth of the Walking Whale
Psalm 148:7
"Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:"
Whales pose some interesting problems for those who believe that all living things slowly evolved to their present forms over millions of years. According to evolution, sea creatures gradually...

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August 2011
Mark Cadwallader
Dear Friend of Creation,
“Theology is the study of the book of God’s words. Science is the study of the book of God’s works.” – Francis Bacon (founder of The Scientific Method, 1620)

Modern man forgets that science – and modern civilization itself – owes a great debt to Christianity. Our ability to study the wonders of creation, confident that we can discover firm principles on which to develop scientific theories, depends on faith in a great principle-giving Creator in the first place.

Because of this faith, combined with the sense of a loving God and of freedom and liberty through Jesus Christ, there arose in Europe shortly after the Protestant Reformation a heightened interest and curiosity to formally pursue scientific discovery. Thus, as twentieth-century philosopher Alfred North Whitehead wrote, “The Christian base gave people faith in the possibility of science” – and the Scientific Revolution erupted in Europe.

Evolution, with its total dependence on naturalism, has done much to provoke modern scientists to divorce scientific inquiry from God as the Creator. Yet, the wonders of creation remind us of the great principles of elegance and order that Almighty God has established. Scientific curiosity and principle-making grow out of Christian thought. We can marvel at the simple but elegant first principles of physics and chemistry. And we can marvel further at the beauty that’s built in to creation from these first principles of science.

Thanks to friends like you, we have been broadcasting our popular signature program “Creation Moments” on the radio for 25 years – highlighting the marvelous elegance, order, specificity and symmetry which scientific discovery continues to find that was built in to the creation.  These two-minute vignettes, which describe the design and purpose in creation, now fill six volumes in our Letting God Create Your Day series. Plus, they’re heard all over the world, and our broadcast is one of the top five U.S. syndicated radio programs of five minutes or less.

Little did we realize when we began producing the programs that they would have such an enduring legacy and be such a well-received ministry!

“Without question or unnecessary argument, your two-minute, proof-positive devotionals are vital, thought-provoking facts that are not only desperately important to all of us, but especially to the believer who encounters conflicts of spiritual interest. I thank God for your awesome little ministry with its Jurassic proportions of God’s ‘solid and matchless’ truth!” – D.D.

“I do jail ministry and Creation Moments has been essential in teaching the girls truths of God’s creation. I appreciate you. Thank you!” – C.B.
“Creation Moments starts off my day every day. I share the things I read with my own family as well as many youth/college-age folks. I appreciate you all so much. You’ve had a great impact in my own life as an engineer seeking truth. THANK YOU!” – G.K.    

“What you are accomplishing in your presentations is as if I used to think I could breathe just fine, and then I discovered I had another lung! The presence of so much well-grounded testimony to our Creator’s ordering and care in His creation is, well, awe-inspiring, to put it simply. Keep up the hard work!” - R.J.

“I LOVE Creation Moments in every form you have made it available! It is one of the best gifts that God has graced my life with. What God orchestrated in creation SCREAMS in every direction possible that, indeed, it was none other than by God’s special DESIGN that anything exists! Every single Creation Moment deepens that reality and strengthens my faith! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – C.T.

I thank God that you and other friends of this ministry are making it all possible! This month I’m excited to tell you about something new! Our latest product – a DVD called Moments with God’s Creation 2 – is great for churches and perfect for use at home. With its 25 separate segments that focus on God’s most amazing creatures, it runs as a continuous 40-minute video that builds an incredibly powerful case for biblical creation.

Take, for instance, “Those Amazing Ants” – one of the vignettes featured in the new DVD. You know that the Bible calls ants “exceedingly wise” (Proverbs 30:24-25) and encourages us to observe the ant to learn that it doesn’t pay to be lazy (Proverbs 6:6-8). Ants are amazingly diligent workers, without supervision – the “gardeners”, “housekeepers” and “janitors” of the earth.

In Proverbs 6 we read that ants “prepare their food in the summer and gather their provision in the harvest.” For many years, skeptics thought this wasn’t accurate, but now we know that there are hundreds of different “harvester ant” species which do just that! Worker ants can be found collecting seeds in summertime as far as 35 miles from their nest and use their chemical scent trails to navigate back home. Other workers use their large mandibles to peel husks and grind seeds into “bread” which is then placed in storage areas (granaries) found in their nest for year-round food.

As always, we find amazing detail, beauty and wisdom from God! I like the way Francis Bacon put it – “God’s words” (the Bible) and “God’s works” (creation). This is why our Creation Moments programs – whether you listen to them on the radio, read them in your e-mail or watch them in our new DVD – are so effective for Christian growth and for tearing down evolutionary strongholds!

In closing, I turn to you as a friend of this ministry. If you can help us this month with a gift of any size, you will make it possible for us to keep Creation Moments on the air. August is a particularly dry month for ministries like Creation Moments, so I thank you for your financial support and especially for your prayers!

Yours in Christ,

Mark Cadwallader, Board Chairman
Moments with Gods Creation 2
P.S. To mark the occasion of broadcasting biblical creation truths for 25 years, we have selected 25 of our very best programs, added stunning visuals and produced a captivating DVD I’m sure your whole family will enjoy. And if you have a computer with a DVD drive, you can print out all 25 scripts – ideal for churches, Sunday school, youth groups and more.

To get your copy of this brand new DVD – or to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount – call 1-800-422-4253 during regular office hours or click here. Sure, you can buy this new DVD from our bookstore, but I would be ever so grateful if you get a copy by making a donation of $35 or more!