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Were Stone Tools Primitive?
Genesis 11:8-9
So the LORD dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the LORD...
One of the most persistent rumors of popular evolutionary mythology is the concept of a primitive Stone Age. While serious evolutionists do not view such a time in the same way as the popular...

Biblical Truth vs. Environmentalist Doomsayers

Mark Cadwallader

Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

It wasn’t that long ago (the1960s) when we were concerned about our inability to feed the world. After all, millions of people were starving in China, India and Africa. Writer and social engineer Paul Ehrlich was popularizing the idea that overpopulation and limited resources would be the end of us all. People and planet were in peril.

Forty years later, we have seen innovation, technology and the “green revolution” come through, so much so that the fear-mongering of yester-year has arguably been debunked. In many countries, we are able today to grow more food on less land, feeding more people than ever before, while keeping thousands of acres in their natural state which otherwise would have been devoted to agriculture. The reason for this is innovative technology and conservation – working together to perfect high-yielding crops and harvests.

But wait! Shouldn’t we be talking instead about how “climate change” is the next great crisis? About how we are trashing the environment and how everything we do is “unsustainable”?

It’s important to note that history trumps philosophy. We are feeding more people than ever before in spite of what the envirnmental doomsayers were saying. The fact is that Judeo/Christian civilization has greatly benefited humanity, not only in terms of bringing forth modern civilization and the scientific revolution by “deciphering the laws of the Creator”, but in terms of providing guidelines for good stewardship of the earth and its resources.

Last month we saw how secular scientists have usurped ancient history from the Bible by imposing a “scientific history” upon us all, based on the mistaken assumption of uniformitarianism – all things of the past have proceeded as we see and understand them today. This leads to the “deep time”, or billions of years required by evolution.

We saw how this “uniformitarianism” is precisely what the Bible predicts from “scoffers” in “the last days”. We also saw how science was originally spoken of, and more accurately so, as “natural philosophy” – because it is based on the philosophy of naturalism.

In the end, history will once again trump philosophy. And the Bible will be shown to be true. Man and Nature are not the “be-all and end-all”. God, the Creator Almighty, is. And He is in control.

The November, 1976 edition of National Geographic ran a long article on climate change that was quite concerned about the earth lapsing back into another ice age. The article quoted the U.S. National Science Board: “During the last 20 to 30 years, world temperature has fallen … and sharply so over the last decade.” They were concerned that man-made dust from cultivation and coal particulates were blocking solar radiation much like volcanic explosions are known to do, causing surface temperatures to drop.

The article warned that we could easily slip into another “Little Ice Age”, which occurred in 1200 - 1800 A.D. Before then, Greenland was actually “green” so that the Vikings could settle there. But then, when the Little Ice Age came, rivers and lakes froze over in Europe, crops failed, famines struck and the Greenland settlements were wiped out. History also records that heavy artillery were dragged across a frozen Hudson River to Staten Island during the American Revolutionary War.

National Geographic reported, “For the first time in earth’s long history, climatologists agree, human activities, smoke, tractor dust, jet exhaust, smog, may be beginning to affect weather and climate on a par with natural forces.” Note the assumption of “long age” for earth’s history. Note also that actual earth history since 1974 has contradicted their dire concern about the onset of another Little Ice Age. Now, the mantra of the environmental doomsayers is “global warming” – except that the term has become “climate change” because it’s more useful in promoting the secular agenda. And so the drumbeat continues to warn us about the monster Carbon Dioxide! In fact, it is now classified as a pollutant rather than a life-provider for plants and, therefore, a boon to agriculture and the earth’s biosphere.

The Bible has so much wisdom for us, and those people and societies that apply it succeed in just about every sense of the term. Biblical laws regarding a “sabbatical” rest for the land are noteworthy, for example (Leviticus 25:4-17). They allow time for natural species to recover. This is especially important for land which is less-than-ideal farmland.

Traditionally, Western Civilization has understood the world as the Bible describes it: a home for humanity to use, multiply in, take care of and enjoy. Indeed, the Bible tells us that environmental decay was decreed by God at the Fall. Earth’s decay is God-ordained (Genesis 3:17-19, Romans 8:20-21). Man is powerless to stop environmental decay, though by good stewardship we can make gardens in place of deserts – as modern-day Israel has. Relative to communist Russia and China as well as Islamic cultures, for example, Judeo-Christian cultures are much more conservation oriented.

But false philosophies and false worldviews lead to believing things that are actually the opposite of what is right, true and good. And that is what has happened in our society under the influence of evolutionism. As you know, Creation Moments is working tirelessly against these false worldviews prompted by evolution. Our radio broadcast is just one of several ways we are impacting the world for Christ and biblical truth. We couldn’t do it without your prayers and financial support ... so God bless you for partnering with us!