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Creation: God with Us. Evolution: Us without God

Mark Cadwallader

Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

Have you ever thought about how creation is central to both the Thanksgiving message and the Christmas message?

We can certainly be thankful that “the Word was made flesh” so that we could have eternal life – forever with Him – in Glory! And of course, “In the beginning was the Word … all things were made through Him … and the Word was made flesh…” (John 1:1,3,14). Note that the incarnation of God the Son both followed and took advantage of His activity in creation.

In spite of our post-Christian culture and in spite of whatever may be happening to us individually, we still have so much to be thankful for!

I find it interesting that in Psalm 100, which tells us to “enter into His gates with thanksgiving” and exhorts us to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”, we can find the great and fundamental conflict between creation and evolution. In the third verse we read, “Know ye that the Lord is God; it is He who made us and not we ourselves.”

So let me ask you: Which of the following two statements do you believe?

  1. Mankind is created and sustained by a holy and just God who defines for us what is right and good.
  2. We have arrived at where we are, independent of God, being our own ruler, able to define right and wrong and decide what is right and just for ourselves.

Creation depends on and teaches the first view. Evolution depends on and teaches the second.

Both views are fundamentally religious, for they are assumptions about God. Yet, only one assumption is claimed to be scientific while the other is not. And so today in classrooms and in mainstream media we have essentially religious propaganda clothed in the garb of “science” and presented as if it were fact!

But Christmastime brings the world back to a fundamental religious truth – grounded in an historic reality that evolution can only dream of. The gospel message that Jesus came to Earth to bring us salvation as Emanuel, God with us, has stood the test of time! The reliability of the

gospel manuscripts – and accurate historical critiques of Jesus and the Bible – are incredibly supportive of traditional Christianity.

Our awesome Creator came as one of the most humble and helpless among us, a miracle of the very creation He established. What parent has not been touched at the birth of our children, peering in awe at the perfect little fingers and toes and other features of our newborns?

The birth of a baby is indeed a marvelous event of creation! And the birth of the baby Jesus, God the Son, in especially humble circumstances is a stroke of communicating genius by our great Creator. It breaks through both the rebellious pride and the sinful estrangement human beings feel toward their Maker.

But the problem in today’s culture is that evolutionism has made it “intellectually justifiable” to remove God and replace Him with ourselves. Already in many European countries the population of agnostics/atheists is claimed to be at or over 50 percent. As crusading British atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has stated, “Evolution has made being an atheist intellectually satisfying.”

Here is why we must go to the heart of the matter. Here is why we must counter and expose evolution. It is one thing to combat the symptoms of a disease, and another thing entirely to treat the cause.

As long as evolutionism is believed to be true, it will be free to work its ill effects. It will feed unbelief, encourage self-indulgence, destroy lives and ruin great cultures by removing the influence of God. If you want to cure the disease, you must get to the cause of the cancer, not just the symptoms. At Creation Moments this is what we strive to do. And with your help we want to do so much more!

The message of Christmas is that the great Creator, Who gave us so many beautiful and wonderful things and Who died for our sins, has joined us in His creation to give us what we most desperately need. The TRUTH: Emmanuel, God with us, His creation – in a lovingly intimate way. The LIE: God is unnecessary – and not with us at all. Please help us stand for His truth and expose the great lie of our day!

We thank you so much for your prayers and your giving. God bless you and hold you in His hand at this Christmas time and always!