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Today's Creation Moment

Two Liquids Called Water
Genesis 2:10
A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers
Popular science information websites sometimes reveal fascinating facts. The Science Daily website recently published an articled suggesting that water is not one, but two liquids. One would have...

Evolution's war on Christmas


Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

         Joy to the world, the Lord is come.
         Let earth receive her King!

As the great Christmas hymn reminds us, God so loved the world that He gave. Christmas is truly a time when even non-Christians in non-Christian cultures are reminded about the great joys of giving and receiving special gifts, and about doing good to others.

Yet the ACLU, other secular humanists and multiculturalists continue to wage war on Christmas – to try to ban even the mention of the word. Now even “Holiday Tree” is touted instead of “Christmas Tree.” Give me a break! It’s amazing how the worldly spirit of anti-CHRIST affects even the frequency of His respectful mention in our language. There is an attitude that squirms at the mere mention of God.

Where does this attitude come from? Answer: the sinful heart of mankind. And what is used as intellectual justification (subconsciously in many cases) for such an attitude? Answer: the doctrines of evolutionism.

We see in the whole irrational war on Christmas where the bias toward evolution and against creation comes from. Evolution is not propped up by science at all but by the depraved will of mankind to rid himself of accountability to his Maker.

What could be more ludicrous than that incredibly complex machinery and programming arose without design but by chance? It defies all our logic and experience. Yet that is what evolutionism officially teaches and promotes.

The tragedy and mistake of the church has been to allow evolutionism to censor its opposition and to masquerade as science in our science-worshipping age. Evolutionism has provided intellectual justification for the atheistic secular humanism bombarding modern society.

Man, supposedly at the top of an evolutionary ladder by random occurrences, has become the “measure of all things.” And law is perceived as originating not from a Creator but from the minds of men. So we see increasingly a return to paganism in once-Christian cultures, attacks on God-ordained marriage and the celebration of sexual immorality, pride and greed.

It remains the work of the church to reverse the decline and bring about honesty in science with regard to evolution. This is an essential ingredient for Christian revival and reformation in the general populace. And it’s essential for change in legal training back to divine, not human, origin of law – as the Declaration of Independence puts it: “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

Evolutionism is foundational to the unbelief of our time. As long as evolution is believed to be true, it will be free to work its harmful effects. It will feed unbelief, encourage self-indulgence, destroy lives and ruin great cultures by removing the influence of God.

    No more let sins and sorrows grow
    Nor thorns infest the ground.
    He comes to make His blessings known
    Far as the curse is found, Far as the curse is found.

“Joy to the World” continues with the truth that frustration, disorder, entropy, disease, death and decay plague our world because of sin. And we need God – we need a Savior – to redeem us. We see in science, for example, the extinction of life – like the dinosaurs. We do not see the creation of new species.

Yet, the myth of evolutionism says in spite of this natural direction that somehow life self-creates! As such, it is contrary to our need for a Savior. Evolution is a great lie the devil uses to try to hide the fundamental problem that plagues us.    

The great message of Christmas is that God was in Christ giving the greatest gift He could give. He became one of us in order to redeem a stiff-necked, rebellious people living in a world frustrated by death and decay. His name is indeed Wonderful! We pray that you and your family will experience the joy that is Emmanuel (God with us) at this special time of year!