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Today's Creation Moment

Two Liquids Called Water
Genesis 2:10
A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers
Popular science information websites sometimes reveal fascinating facts. The Science Daily website recently published an articled suggesting that water is not one, but two liquids. One would have...

Find the courage to stand up to the enemy


Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

Evolution is foundational to so many bad ideas. From communism to humanism to hedonism, evolution as intellectual justification for godlessness and for disbelief in the Bible is at the heart of a culture war taking place in the modern world today. 

As Whittaker Chambers wrote over 50 years ago, “The crisis of the Western World exists to the degree in which it is indifferent to God.” Chambers – an ex-communist spy and a convert to Christianity – was speaking of the anti-God vision of communism. But he was right in a broader sense as well. Communism may have been beaten back in the Cold War against the Soviet Union, but secular and irreligious progressives have been very successful in muting the Christian heritage in Western Civilization.

In both cases, evolution has been the supposedly “scientific” basis for the vision of godlessness. Joseph Stalin, for example, was attending the Tiflis Theological Seminary when – at the age of 19 – he began reading Charles Darwin, became an atheist, and went on to join and lead the Communist Party in Russia. His method was to purge the party, and the country, of any threat to his power, promoting a cult of self-adoration while justifying his actions on the basis of “survival of the fittest.” He is credited with killing 40 million people “for the good of the state.” Though it is supposedly a solution to the extreme poverty of lower classes, communism ends in totalitarianism and eventually the destruction of economies and the impoverishment of people.


On the other hand, modern secularists – equally buoyed by their faith in evolution – seem to be content with incremental socialism rather than revolution. It is a creeping godless vision which still wants government ownership and control along with the abolition of absolute morality founded on religion. History tells us that lower moral standards, moral relativism and the outlawing of God from the public square are where they have taken us. We are not supposed to argue anything on the basis of moral principle but only on the basis of pragmatism. Why? Because God is said to be not “scientific” while godlessness is.

Knowing the enemy is critical in any fight. Courage to stand and act for right convictions is crucial to victory of any kind – whether it’s on a cultural or a personal level. We are called upon to look beyond the cares of this world and to step out boldly for the truth of God – including creation vs. evolution. What keeps us Christians from acting with the courage of our convictions is not only apathy but fear.

The Bible says that Satan “prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). The purpose of a “roaring lion” is to generate fear. It is the older, toothless males with the magnificent manes who do the roaring when a pride of lions is out hunting. They scare the prey into the path of the young female lions which then catch and kill it. Satan wants to keep us down in fear – all kinds of fear and worry. But God would have us “take up the shield of faith” to fend off the “fiery darts of the evil one” (Eph. 6:16). We need to understand that the devil uses fear as merely a tool against us – and that his “bite” is much weaker than his “roaring.”

Christian adults – and not just kids going back to school – need to be students all our lives, learning in order to effectively engage the culture. That’s why as Christians we need to study our Bibles, watch good creationists DVDs and read good books on creation science – like a brand new book I highly recommend called The Ultimate Proof of Creation. In this fascinating book, Dr. Jason Lisle shows you how to defend biblical creation and demolish evolution. With the information you’ll learn in this book, you’ll never need to be anxious about engaging evolutionists, because it will equip you with critical thinking skills and solid evidence. I’ll show you how to get a copy of this outstanding book at the end of this letter.

A book like this is so important because the average person these days learns more about “global warming” than they do about the Bible or critical thinking. The planet is supposedly on course for environmental disaster from the consequences of over-consumption. Yet, we are producing more food in the world more efficiently than ever before, and average temperatures have actually gone down in the last decade. Many people tend to crowd the scientific and historical facts about evolution and true reality out of their minds. And they don’t learn or remind themselves of what the Bible says. The truth is that the present Earth is on loan to us from God – not mother nature. It has been corrupted by sin, to be remade in the future for righteousness to “dwell” therein (Rev. 21:1, 2 Pet. 3:13).

The lie of evolution is an anti-God philosophy. It is a pseudo-science masquerading as true science. Because of mankind’s sin nature, people use evolution to suppress the truth that the God of the Bible is their Creator, Judge, Savior and Lord (Rom. 1:18). Evolution allows them to be lords of the world unto themselves.

At Creation Moments we encourage you to be “strong in the Lord” … to “put on the full armor of God” – to not give in to the fears that the world and the devil throw our way. We need to be “ambassadors” for the truth of God, partnering together to reach those who are walking in darkness.