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Good Science Dispels Bible Critics


Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

With Easter being celebrated this month, it’s shocking that some leaders within today’s church actually deny the literal resurrection of our Lord! But it’s not surprising when you consider that these leaders have turned their backs on the authority of Scripture. By doing this, they have created a vacuum that leads people away from biblical truth and pulls contemporary society toward even lower levels of morality and decency. 

Here’s what these modern church leaders are telling us: (1) Elevate humanistic goals to the level of divine action. (2) Make peace with relativism. (3) Forsake absolutes.

These phrases summarize some of the positions arrived at through “process theology”, “Christian existentialism”, “dialectical theology” and “textual criticism.” Many of these progressive thought systems, though developed in the nineteenth century, came to fruition in the twentieth and are very much alive today.

Conservative theologian John Warwick Montgomery – in his 500-page collection of essays titled The Suicide of Christian Theology – wrote this about the modern church:

“Reinforced by what they believed to be the scientifically-established world-view of evolution, they built metaphysical and idealistic systems to replace Christian revelation.… They endeavored to re-do the biblical revelation into the spirit of the times, and where it did not fit they made it fit – by dismembering the Old Testament texts through documentary criticism so as to demonstrate ‘the evolution of Jewish religion.’”

 As we have often noted, evolution became a sophisticated support for plain old unbelief. And not only was it made to become the framework for biological sciences, it became the framework even for social sciences and religion! Jewish religion, for example, was popularly claimed in theological circles to have “evolved.” This eventually led to the totally twisted “God is dead” theology of the 1960s, as mankind supposedly “evolved” an increasingly enlightened idea about God. And this idea was fueled most of all by a Bible scholar – Julius Wellhausen.

His hypothesis regarding the compilation of the first five books of the Bible – the Documentary or JEDP Hypothesis for the writing of Genesis through Deuteronomy – was formalized in the 1870s shortly after Darwin published his On the Origin of Species. Wellhausen’s “Documentary Hypothesis” dominated theological education for the next 100 years. Based on textual comparison of styles and terminology, he claimed that the Five Books of Moses – the Pentateuch – weren’t written by Moses but were derived from originally independent, parallel and complete narratives that were written long after Moses – from 950 to 450 B.C. – in the “evolving” religious history of Israel.
How, then, did Wellhausen’s hypothesis come to be discredited? Enter the science of archaeology, carried out honestly and objectively with no presupposition to discriminate against specific biblical beliefs or ideas!
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but are you familiar with the discoveries at Ebla in the north of modern-day Syria? From 1968 to 1976, thousands of perfectly preserved clay tablets from the ancient Canaanite and Sumerian civilizations were found, proving that sophisticated Semitic writing, record keeping and civilization existed long before the time of Moses.
Furthermore, twentieth-century excavations have confirmed the advanced level of civilization in the city of Ur on the Euphrates River in modern day Iraq – before the time of Abraham, who left the city to found the Hebrew nation. At the time of Darwin and Wellhausen, Ur’s location and even its very existence were found only in the Bible.
Honest science through archeology has shown that writing and record keeping has existed as far back as we can trace the history of mankind! It is totally possible – and, in fact, probable – that Moses compiled the first five books of the Bible from original clay tablets and documents assembled from the original eyewitnesses of early events in the history of the world!
Archaeology has also confirmed what the Bible says about many other people, places and events. For instance, many modern church “scholars” have asserted that King David could not possibly have played the harp because musical instruments like the harp didn’t exist in the time of David. However, archaeologists have discovered harps, intricate jewelry and other artifacts at Ebla and Ur, revealing that advanced civilization and technology were familiar to the earliest ancient peoples just as the Bible says (Genesis 4:20-22) – and contrary to the “higher critics” who, with an evolution mindset, claimed it was not possible.

The tablets unearthed at Ebla also contain Babylonian myths which parallel the biblical creation and flood narratives. They are clearly corrupted and distorted versions of biblical truth with their grotesque absurdities and the human-like frailties of their many gods. However, they do confirm the biblical record and testify to man’s falling into idolatry, sin and denial of the one true and holy God.

Archaeological discoveries have shown the so-called “higher criticism” of liberal theologians to be merely unbelief fueled by confidence in evolution rather than confidence in God and His Word. Science, properly studied and employed, supports the truth of God.

At Creation Moments we understand this. And we understand the principal role and long-term effects of evolution in misleading people and providing a vehicle for folks to deny God and to live in unbelief. We labor to dispel the grandiose lie of evolution.

Won’t you help us in this great ongoing struggle of our day? We covet your prayers. And as you pray, we hope you’ll ask the Lord how He would have you support Creation Moments. We thank you deeply for your partnership with us … and we hope you and your family have a joyous Easter!