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Has Compromise with Evolution Led to a Babylonian Exile for the Church?

Mark Cadwallader

Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

In 1960, a German immigrant to Argentina was kidnapped by the Israeli secret service, introducing the world to a rather disturbing exposé of evil. The immigrant – Adolf Eichmann – was taken to Israel where he was put on trial for his role as a principal architect of the mass murders of the holocaust.

The New Yorker magazine sent Hannah Arendt to report on the trial, and what emerged from the coverage was the observation that Adolf Eichmann was a man who wasn’t really so different from the average civilized person. Yet, he played a large role in the systematic slaughter of millions of people by the Nazi machine. Arendt’s reporting brought to light how evil could be buried under a facade of technical jargon and analytical efficiency.

Evil has a seductive power, so that a person doesn’t need to rave like a Hitler or be an obvious monster with long fangs to do evil. Ordinary people, the kind you live next door to or pass on the street every day without a second thought, can participate in great wickedness.

Indeed, underneath a veneer of civilized behavior lurks an ability for all human beings to justify even the most barbaric crimes. This should not really be surprising to Christians, for the Bible teaches us that there is a deep darkness within the heart of man.

Recently, the internet has been filled with similarly stark revelations of the banality of the sickening evil perpetrated by the abortion industry and supported by our own American government. Doctors and administrators have been filmed calmly discussing the manner in which they crush and dismember babies in the wombs of women in order to preserve decidedly human body parts and organs for sale – while nonchalantly eating dinner or joking about what luxurious item they could purchase with bonus money. Hopefully such visual exposés will awaken many people to a mass human atrocity in the same way that images of the holocaust did. 

Planned Parenthood, the government-funded abortion provider which has been the focus of these video exposés, has a history rooted in Social Darwinism – a sociological theory from evolution’s doctrine of survival of the fittest. An original objective of the group has been to cleanse society of undesirable people – including minorities – so that evolution could supposedly be advanced. Here, once again, we get back to an atrocity the evil of which is intellectually justified by the fallacy of evolution.

Evolution regards humans as animals – just more evolved. And as Darwin’s theory came into acceptance, “experts” began treating human beings as glorified animals without moral accountability. For example, Ernst Haeckel, Darwin’s enthusiastic promoter in Germany, advanced a fraudulent embryo thesis.

On Haeckel’s drawings of babies developing in their mothers’ wombs, he deceitfully gave the babies fish gill slits! He did this to advance his argument that developing babies go through an “evolution” within the womb so that they aren’t really human much of the time. Even today his idea continues to influence the education of countless people, including Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of abortion in 1973.

The Bible teaches us that man’s depravity goes back to his earliest origins, to the choices in the Garden of Eden. Evil has been the tendency from then on. For instance, shortly after the great flood of Noah, God dispersed the people from the Tower of Babel when Nimrod – whose name means “let us rebel” – opposed Yahweh and set up an idolatrous effort to exalt humanity. In fact, Babel leant its name to subsequent sexualized and idolatrous paganism under the title “Babylon”. Worship of Nimrod as the Babylonian god Marduk, or the Canaanite equivalent Baal, involved both infant and child sacrifice as well as ritual sexual perversion of all kinds with temple prostitutes.

The prophet Jeremiah exposed the complicity of the Israelites in the Baal worship of infant sacrifice in the time immediately leading up to their forced exile to Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar (Jeremiah 19:5). And God gave them over to a 70-year Babylonian captivity for the sake of discipline – after which He would restore them (Jeremiah 29:4-13).

Christians in the Western World seem to be suffering under a similar exile, as the culture grows increasingly hostile to biblical foundations. Our culture appears to be no different from ancient Babylon with our exaltation of ourselves in rebellion against God. This may be in part God’s discipline for years of church compromise with evolutionism and the evil it supports. Indeed, the great harlot of Revelation 17, who sits over nations, is called Babylon the Great, the symbol of humanistic idolatry unfaithful to the Lord.

The church must do as Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did. As you’ll remember, they did not compromise their faith. They did not eat the king’s food. And they did not bow to his idol. The Lord had favor on them so that they were able to witness and work even with favor in the time of their exile.

Isaiah the prophet, who warned Judah of the coming judgment by Babylon even before it had risen to power, told of the great blessing that will accrue to God’s people as we keep proclaiming the truth in love – in a wonderful picture of God’s Word going forth like rain, watering the world with a life-giving essence! And the promise to us is: “Ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace, the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands” (Isaiah 55:10-12).

At Creation Moments, we thank you for your prayers and gifts as we continue to make a real difference, proclaiming truth to a corrupt and compromised world, and helping folks discern and get to the root of the many lies of our worldly culture – fed as they are by evolutionism. We are so grateful for your partnership with us!