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James Ussher’s Education
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it
James Ussher is famous, or infamous, depending on your point of view, for his work on creation. It was Ussher who calculated that the Earth was created at 6 pm on the evening before October 23rd 4004...

Lucy, step aside...Ardi is the latest missing link...for now!


Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

Hello, Ardi! Goodbye, Lucy! In the latest evolutionary news, Ardipithecus ramidus has replaced Lucy as the evolutionists’ “apewoman” du jour. Now, keep on reading to get the news they don’t want you to hear!

Ardi is basically a recycling of Australopithecus ramidus, assembled from bone fragments discovered back in 1994 that were scattered over a distance of nearly a mile! An imaginative picture of the creature was already on the cover of Time magazine as far back as 2001. Yet, the news media obligingly trumpeted the evolutionary talking points for the group working on Ardi. And they did so in the short sound bites which cause people to believe there is startling new proof for evolution. What a farce!

The legitimate news is that Ardi is more dissimilar to both apes and humans than previously thought. Apparently, Lucy is no longer the much-publicized human ancestor but rather her own separate branch in the evolutionists’ tree of life.

Keep in mind, though, that assembling a creature from bones scattered over a great distance is fraught with problems and easily lends itself to the bias of those assembling the bones. If you find a bone that does not fit the notion of what you should be finding, pick another bone. With typical circular reasoning, evolutionists start with the assumption that evolution is true, interpret the fossil via the evolutionary assumption, then use the interpretation as proof of evolution. Presto, case closed.

Essentially, the news about Ardi is that the evolutionists have had to revise their “common ancestry” assumption one more time. Well, let’s tell them a little secret: The truth is that there is no “common ancestor” to humans and apes! We are unique creations by God. The truth is that we have a “common Designer” – not a “common ancestor.” Our Creator, as with any creative personality, designed some of His creations more similarly than others.

But evolutionists don’t discard their wrong assumptions. They just continue to revise them over and over again and make headlines purporting to “prove” evolution every time they do.

The situation reminds me of the discovery of “Nebraska Man” a few years before the Scopes evolution trial of 1925 – fresh “scientific” evidence for Clarence Darrow, complete with artistic illustrations and evolutionary spin. Yet, a year after the trial, Nebraska Man was found to be nothing more than a pig’s tooth. So while “Nebraska Man” got the front-page headlines, the pig tooth truth got only a small footnote several years later.

Another current news splash is being made by Lyuba, the baby mammoth getting a spread in National Geographic, the starring role in a documentary and a tour of museums throughout the United States. Lyuba (“love” in Russian) is the most perfectly preserved mammoth remains out of the Russian tundra ever found. Lyuba was 98% preserved, they say, and even had mother’s milk in her tummy! Discovered in a mudflat beside a northern Siberian river, researchers speculate that Lyuba was buried in spring flooding, having fallen into a mud slurry. Plugs of mud and sand in her trunk and digestive tract suggest she suffocated and contributed to her high quality of preservation.

Hmm… buried quickly in mud by flooding. Seems like we creationists have been on to something about the existence of so many fossils – yet once again the evolutionists control the interpretation of the news media. The mammoth’s remains are 40,000 years old, they claim. But with the presence of mother’s milk and soft tissue, I would say that a few thousand years makes better sense.

An evolutionary origin or progression of simple-to-complex life is simply unobserved in the fossil record. The reason why evolution persists is because it leaves God out of the picture. In fact, this is the very point made by strident atheist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins. In a recent Wall Street Journal article promoting his new book on evolution, he asserted: “Evolution leaves God with nothing to do.” Indeed, the world uses evolution to try to take God out of life – one of the main aspirations of sinful man. Karl Marx said as much: “Our goal is to destroy capitalism and to dethrone God.”

Though many in the U.S. would like to dethrone God as well, the vast majority still believe in God. In fact, November is the month that we celebrate a uniquely American holiday that was founded expressly for giving thanks to our Creator. Thanksgiving hearkens back to America’s Christian heritage – to the Pilgrims and to a pre-Darwinian, pre-evolutionism era. It’s a holiday that sticks in the craw of both ardent evolutionists and secularists alike. To them, there’s nobody to thank … but themselves.

So let us be thankful for the many blessings we enjoy and for the opportunities we have to serve the Lord in so many different ways. In the midst of an increasingly secular culture, we have the opportunity to be people who are guided by the truth of God and a witness to others about that truth. Evolution may get the front page news splashes. But THE Good News is in the Bible – still fresh and able to build us up in spirit, mind and body as we focus on it, giving thanks in everything to the one great God and Creator of all things.