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Today's Creation Moment

Two Liquids Called Water
Genesis 2:10
A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers
Popular science information websites sometimes reveal fascinating facts. The Science Daily website recently published an articled suggesting that water is not one, but two liquids. One would have...

The Many Facets of Corruption


Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

“…the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption…” (Rom 8:21)

God’s ideal has been corrupted in many ways. Death and decay – physical and moral – are the lot of creation. The world is corrupt. Government is corrupt. Even science is corrupt.

We have recently discussed the corrupt way in which “global warming” has been pushed upon society. The fraud, coverup, biased use of data and the marginalizing of scientists who disagree (exposed by “Climategate”) is a grand example of what has been going on with evolution for over 150 years.

Simply ignore the truth and push an agenda. It doesn’t seem to matter if the agenda is completely misguided or driven by the lust for power, riches or pleasure.

In the late 1980s, the U.S. Public Health Service authorized a half-million-dollar taxpayer-funded report titled “AIDS – Sexual Behavior and Intravenous Drug Use.” To defend homosexual practices as “normal”, the report quoted anthropologists who found that certain primitive tribes in the mountains of New Guinea practiced that ritualized homosexual behavior between men and young boys.

On the basis that a few cultures practiced homosexuality and pedophilia, the report concluded that such activities should not be judged as deviant. It went on to propose that our national AIDS policy should in no way penalize the promiscuous sexual deviant and that those who speak out against such behavior should instead proclaim its acceptability.

The report might just as well have told us that we should endorse idol worship, prostitution and infant sacrifice – all as part of “normal” religious ceremony. After all, the study of cultures and anthropology tells us that this is what the Canaanites did. Yet, the Bible condemns the Canaanite practices.

When the incorruptible biblical truth is subordinated to the corruptible minds of men, any true basis for right and wrong disappear. Think about it – every behavior can be justified by culture and anthropology! In some corner of the world, at some time in history, virtually every type of behavior has been tolerated by some culture.

Such thinking requires the assumption that mankind and nature are the highest good – in place of God. And this is exactly what evolution supports. Under evolution, mankind and nature are the highest good; therefore, cultural precedents of acceptable behavior can be held up as “normal” and approved by the intellectual elite.

If pedophilia is acceptable, consider that there are cultural precedents for supporting theft, murder and cannibalism. Does that make these actions acceptable? To seriously consider such arguments leads to foolishness. Once again, the Bible says it perfectly: “Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man…” (Rom 1:22-23)
There is indeed a great deal of corrupt and foolish “science” – some having already come and gone but some that’s still with us today. Alfred Kinsey – who claimed to apply scientific analysis to sexual behavior and whose work provided a supposed “scientific” basis for the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s – was obsessed with deviant sex. He presented “data” that was completely distorted and obtained through sexual abuse of children. Like evolution, Kinsey’s ideas were accepted quickly and had a long-lasting hold on modern culture, not because of their scientific truth but because they were dressed up as science and because the ideas were what many people wanted to hear.

Extreme environmentalism is also still with us, teaching us to worry about global warming and overpopulation, and to love Mother Earth. After all, as evolution “proves”, nature (Mother Earth) is the highest good, right? At the time of the very first Earth Day in 1970, Western Culture was worried that the world wouldn’t be able to feed itself in just a few years. Our resources were running out, the experts told us, and we would never make it to the year 2000. People had been starving in China, India and elsewhere … and we could all look forward to mass starvation unless we all stopped having babies.

Yet today, China and India are rising powers that have solved many of their food production problems and have rising standards of living through applied science, technology and industry, aided by their large populations! It turns out that our God-given capabilities give us power to work together and to better our lives so that we are not at the mercy of limited and capricious nature.

What can we learn from all this? The same thing that the U.S. Patent Office learned in 1911 when they finally found a way to stop issuing patents on fraudulent perpetual motion machines. Unbelievable as it may seem, the Patent Office had, since 1856, issued 575 patents for these worthless devices. Of course, the Second Law of Thermodynamics – the law of increasing entropy – tells us we can never build a perpetual motion machine. What the Patent Office did in 1911 was to require that every application for a perpetual motion machine be accompanied by a working model. In other words, they required evidence and not just preposterous claims. Since 1911, there has not been a single patent issued for a perpetual motion machine.

While perpetual motion machines are no longer supported in the literature, evolution certainly is. Evolution is not only supported in the scientific literature but is ubiquitous in education, media and government. It is a fundamental corruption of truth which has far-reaching consequences – working to undermine and subvert morality, cultures and people.

By upholding biblical truth in regards to evolution, Creation Moments is on the front lines of our cultural and spiritual warfare – and we need your support! You make the ministry work! Thank you for prayerfully considering what the Lord may prompt you to give this month to this critical work. God bless you!