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Meet Dr. Jim Tour - acclaimed scientist, Bible believer and evolution denier!


Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

“Great is our Lord and of great power; His understanding is infinite” (Psalm 147:5). Think about it, if we could understand the mind of God more fully, we could gain knowledge and wisdom – we could indeed comprehend more of the mysteries of the universe!

So, why not go to the Bible – first – for everything, even when we want to understand the scientific truths about our world? That’s where we can assuredly get a peek into the “infinite understanding” of God.

Even though the Bible is not primarily a book of science, where it touches on science it has repeatedly shown itself to be accurate. And it reveals principles of truth which can be mined not only for spiritual insight but for scientific insight as well. The example of Matthew Maury comes to mind, founder of the science of oceanography. He was led to discover the deep ocean currents by reading Psalm 8:8.

The Bible instills moral virtue and opens avenues for creative insight (“thinking big” and “thinking outside the box”) by getting our minds off the limitations of ourselves and our world and getting our minds on to the personality and “genius” of the Creator. By doing so, it enables creative accomplishment, including science. If a created order has been established by an ordered Creator – as the biblical view sets forth – it follows that such order can be uncovered through an ordered approach like the Scientific Method.

We need no further proof of the Bible’s importance for science than the fact that modern science arose out of Western Civilization – the worldview of which has been decidedly influenced by Christianity for many years. It did not arise out of pantheism, animism, polytheism or eastern mysticism.

Through the Bible we come to know a God who has set forth principles for His creation to follow; who has given us the place of responsibility in it; whose principles are not fickle and arbitrary but sure and solid; who cares about us, honoring us as stewards of His creation and honoring us with the freedom for creative inquiry into it.

Not only do we see the Bible’s influence on the advancement of whole cultures, but on the achievements of individuals as well. As civilizations succeed through assimilation of biblical truth, so do individuals.

Recently, the Houston Chronicle reported on a “home town hero” – Professor Jim Tour of Rice University. Over the last decade, this organic chemist has risen to become one of the most-referenced scientists in the world, With his own campus facility dedicated to nanotechnology, he synthesizes molecules which look and act like molecular cars and trucks. Some even act like tiny missiles that can transport drugs to tumors. He also was the first to synthesize a molecular switch in the field of molecular electronics, a field which has the potential to revolutionize computer technology.

The remarkable thing about Professor Tour is his passion for a disciplined Christian life centered around the Bible. He credits his faith – along with hard work and the students he mentors – for his success. He begins his day six days a week at 3:30 AM with two hours of Bible reading and meditation, and he then spends from 6 AM to 6 PM in the lab, breaking for 20 minutes at mid-day for quiet time at the campus chapel. He’s been studying the Bible in this early morning routine for over 30 years! According to the dedicated scientist, “There is this amazing richness. I take a passage and I say ‘Lord speak to me’. And then it just comes alive.”

When I think about Professor Tour and his commitment to his faith, I am reminded of many of the great Christian founders of modern science – from Roger Bacon to Isaac Newton, from Louis Pasteur to Blaise Pascal. I am also reminded of the biblical promise of success in our endeavors as we meditate on God’s Word (Psalm 1; Joshua 1), seeking to comprehend more of His “infinite understanding.”

A point that often goes unmentioned about the Scientific Method is that inherent in its process is an unflinching morality. It demands honesty. Here is a spiritual intersection with science. A good scientist will set aside personal pride, ambition, and bias in order to encourage rigorous testing of his own hypothesis, reporting honestly about his findings, and doing whatever he can to try to prove himself wrong. Only then, when a hypothesis can withstand all attempts to falsify it, should it be accepted as scientific theory.

This moral component of good science is something which was important to Reverend Walter Lang who founded our ministry (then known as the Bible-Science Association) 47 years ago. He wrote that when God is separated from science, moral decay sets in and science becomes a pagan religion.

His vision for exposing the pseudo-science of evolution and promoting the superiority of a biblical creationist model lives on with Creation Moments. Clearly pseudo-sciences can take root, dependent as they are on dishonest, bigoted and non-falsifiable scientific practice. A good example of is this the recent “Climategate” revelations about the current global warming hysteria. An even better example of a pseudo-science is evolution!

Here's what Professor Tour told the Houston Chronicle about evolution: “I’ve asked people to explain it to me, and I still don’t understand it. I hear their explanations, and I don’t understand how macroevolution occurs.… And I understand better than most people how molecules come together, what they can and cannot do.”

Professor Tour, however, does understand how God and man come together – through our Lord Jesus Christ – and that’s what our society needs so desperately today! But the secularists and religious liberals, supported by the lie of evolutionism, are working diligently against biblical influence in our culture today.

Won’t you help Creation Moments continue to advance the truth about evolution and creation? Your prayers and support are vital! God bless you for partnering with us so, together, we can spread the light of Truth in these dark days.