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The remarkable story of Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI...and biblical creationist!

Mark CadwalladerViewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

What’s the worst thing that has happened to you for being a creationist? For many creationists, it’s being mocked and called a science-hating moron who probably also believes in a flat earth!

But for Dr. Raymond Damadian, being a biblical creationist prevented him from sharing in the 2003 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Let me tell you what led up to this outrageous act of injustice…

As a boy, Raymond watched his mother die slowly and painfully of breast cancer. That experience, along with great faith that the Lord would help him find a better way to diagnose disease, became a tremendous motivating factor in his work. In 1970, Raymond – I mean Doctor Damadian – was the first to document a major difference in magnetic resonance (MR) signals between cancer and normal tissue. He discovered that the relaxation time of excited hydrogen atoms back to equilibrium is significantly longer in diseased cells than in healthy cells.

This discovery was the starting point that led him to perfect MR methodology through much of his career. He won many awards and patents for his work. But when the 2003 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two other scientists, the original discoverer of this new technology was ignored! The Nobel Prize committee, of course, never admitted it, but many observers – including Creation Moments – believe he was bypassed because of his active involvement in the field of creation science.

Though we are saddened that he did not receive the prize he deserved, we can still give thanks to God for one of the greatest diagnostic breakthroughs ever. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has truly revolutionized the field of medicine. The device enables physicians to look at soft tissues within the human body without exposing patients to ionizing radiation or invasive surgical procedures. Over 60 million MRI scans are now done every year, thanks in large part to the vision and work of Dr. Damadian.

But I think it’s the spiritual aspect of the MRI story that’s most interesting of all. You see, an MRI scan forms a strong magnetic field around the area to be imaged. This excites the hydrogen atoms. These excited vibrating hydrogen atoms emit radio waves, and a contrast between normal and diseased tissues occurs because the excited atoms relax back to their equilibrium state of vibration at a unique rate depending on whether the tissue is normal or diseased.

In other words, Dr. Damadian found a way to differentiate between the undefiled beauty in creation and the dysfunctional ugliness of disease. In doing so, he highlighted an important creationist principle. At the end of the six creation days, the Bible tells us, “And God saw every thing that He had made, and behold it was very good” (Genesis 1:31a). Later, after Adam and Eve sinned, the world lost its innocence and became marred with imperfection – including disease. Good and bad have separate origins.

The Bible tells us that the spiritual transcends the physical. The sin of man, a moral problem, led to a physical marring of God’s creation. We are not just a body, according to Scripture, but we also have a soul and a spirit. Beyond material objects, there are vibratory frequencies. And beyond that there is spiritual reality. 

Science needs to admit it is not either one or the other, either biochemical or spiritual, but that there is both biochemical and spiritual at work in our world, with some way of connecting them that escapes our understanding – a connection that cannot be “scientifically” assessed. 

We’ve mentioned previously how material things resolve at their most fundamental level into space and energy/vibration. This seems to be the limits to which science can take us – and it is in a direction from the very material to the very immaterial, pointing toward a spiritual reality that is at the root of all things.

The Bible says we can understand through our heart – relating to spiritual perception. We can, for example,  understand the beauty of the created order with our spiritual senses. This is why the Bible says in Romans 1 that as we gaze upon the intricate beauty and majesty of creation, we can perceive from “the things that were made” the divine nature of God, to the point that we are  “without excuse”.

Here is why John Muir, raised by stern Scottish Presbyterians, could say among his famous contemplations of nature, “No synonym for God is so perfect as Beauty.” We contemplate the beautiful, and we can deeply appreciate its aesthetic quality because we can connect with a spiritual sensitivity. This is something that sets us apart from the animals. There is somehow an inner sensitivity or inner “energy” that makes us alive to beauty – and it is related to the image of God and His divine perfection!

Dr. Raymond Damadian was burdened to find a way to medically diagnose between the ugliness of disease and the beauty of the created order. And he discovered a non-invasive total scanning way to do this, capitalizing on the fact that material objects distinguish themselves in an immaterial fashion. In doing so, he came close scientifically to what works spiritually as we exercise our own spiritual sensitivity to discern between the beautiful and the ugly on a moral, ethical, civil and even physical level.

Just like most Christians, Dr. Damadian is concerned about the increasing ugliness of sin in society. Yet, what we know to be true, just as with the contrast between good and bad tissue in MRI scans, is that God’s eternal Beauty is always available to behold in contrast – as we gaze upon and contemplate His truth, His nature, His love, justice and mercy, through prayer and worship and Scripture meditation. And we can be energized to a refreshing “equilibrium” level of joy and peace and all fruits of the Spirit!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of the very important ministry that we all have at Creation Moments! And remember – when your world gets increasingly ugly, keep your eyes on Jesus because He is eternally beautiful!