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Today's Creation Moment

Were Dinosaurs Warm Blooded?
Psalm 147:2-3
"The LORD builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel. He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds."
Dinosaur fossil hunters and paleontologists have long debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded. With reptile characteristics, it was expected that dinosaurs would be cold-blooded....

A Star and a Scepter in the Pursuit of Joy

Mark CadwalladerViewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

Joy and enthusiasm are “force-multipliers”, to use an engineering term. And indeed they are! This is especially clear at Christmas – joy is all over the revelation of Emanuel, God with us! It is a truly joyous time of year as we remember the wonders and miracles which surrounded the incarnation of our Lord.

The Bible says that the Wise Men “… rejoiced with exceeding great joy(Matthew 2:10) when they saw that the star which called them on their journey to find the Christ-child had reappeared on the last leg of their journey to show them the location of the baby Jesus!

We sing many wonderful carols at Christmas time, telling in song the Christmas story and its meaning to us. One of them has the following chorus about the star that the Wise Men from “the east” saw and followed to worship the Jewish Messiah.

O-Oh star of wonder star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light

The Wise Men were part of a Persian priestly caste called Magi. They were scholars who studied the stars and other natural sciences and were well read, including the Hebrew Scriptures. These Magi were aware of the Bible reference to a star and the prophesied the coming of a Hebrew Messiah. “There shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel…” (Numbers 24:17). And God gave them a revelation through their astronomical studies! (Matthew 2:1-2)

I love this saying that you often see at Christmas with a backdrop of a camel caravan and a bright, shining star: “Wise men still seek Him”. At this time of year we want to thank you and encourage you in being “wise men and women” who continue seeking to know the Messiah!

The Wise Men told Herod that they had arrived to worship “he who is born King of the Jews”, as they “had seen his star in the east” (Matthew 2:2). After all, the prophecy was not only about a star but about a scepter, the instrument of a king. Indeed, when we seek to know more of Jesus, we are seeking to know more of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In fact, it is He who has approached us and invited us to know Him more! 

As the Magi testify, there is a call to Christ on people who are interested in studying the creation. Think about it! What were they, the Magi, but students of the creation as they studied the stars and learned about nature? In fact, the creation testifies of its Maker. The created beauty and wonders we see all around reflect their Maker – the Creator of all wonder and beauty! The imperfect lights of the natural order “guide us to the perfect light” – which is the Lord!   

We have mentioned in previous letters this year that beauty is linked to absolute truth and perfection. And Divine beauty is characteristic of God and vastly superior to even the very best of created splendors. The Lord is the purest loveliness and the very essence of joy and wisdom, perfect in all His ways without end. So it is no wonder that people throughout the centuries have experienced His inexpressible delight in worship, in prayer, and in revelation,  veiled though it is in this fallen world. This is the biblical Creator Almighty that you proclaim through Creation Moments!

As we have discussed in these letters, the evidence tells us – related to modern physics – that to get to the underlying truth of things, we have to back up from the material to the immaterial, and by implication then to the spiritual – from the natural to the supernatural! This is the reality we face in Creation, and in the Christ child – “…the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, … full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). Think about it,  the word (indication of meaning) became flesh (material).

The Wise Men were in many ways wiser than scientific experts of our day. For they understood the transcendence of spiritual truth. As the Bible teaches, we can understand through our hearts – relating to spiritual perception. We can, for example,  look beyond the beauty and wonder of the created order with our spiritual senses. This is why the Bible says in Romans 1 that as we gaze upon the intricate beauty and majesty of creation, we can perceive from “the things that were made” the Divine nature of God. And in the incarnation of Jesus Christ we have been given a special revelation of clarity about God,  a role model for us to follow, and, so very importantly, a representative for our right standing before God!

So as we approach the special time of year we celebrate our dear Savior’s birth, I just want to thank you for being such an important part of our ministry. Your prayers and financial support are the lifeblood of our ministry.

May you and your family experience all the joys of our precious Savior as we thankfully reflect on God’s greatest gift – Jesus Christ, our Lord!