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Life on Mars for Real
Genesis 8:22
While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
David Bowie sang: Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know He's in the best selling show Is there life on Mars? Elon Musk, the founder of commercial spacecraft company SpaceX, has expressed a wish to put a...

The Tangled Web of Evolution and the Oil Spill

Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

A tangled web of deceitful information has certainly plagued the pseudo-science of evolution. At Creation Moments we’ve been tracking this for years. Fraudulent ape-men. Imaginative and deceptive drawings. Creating the absurd notion that “science” cannot point to or depend on a Supernatural Creator. Insisting that certain pre-suppositions are the only way to think. And on and on.

We’ve also seen a similar web of deceit follow the so-called global warming crisis, with falsified cherry-picked data and reports driven by radical environmentalism and a desire to tax the production of carbon dioxide – enriching certain government, business and academic interests along the way.

The tangled web is caught up now with an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from a well drilled 5,000 feet below water level. We are told that since the oil leak is damaging the environment, we need to push ahead with taxing carbon dioxide – since it is produced by the combustion of oil!

Here the tangled web returns again to evolution. Oil and natural gas have supposedly been created through an evolutionary scenario – by millions of years of heat and pressure on ancient organic remains. Supposedly, prehistoric plants (carbon sources) growing on the Earth’s surface were buried and jumbled together in an unusual way (though a great GLOBAL FLOOD is DISALLOWED) so as to fossilize over long ages rather than go through normal decay. (The dirty little secret is that you don’t need long ages in the presence of high pressure and hot water. And, of course, there’s the glaring “inconvenient truth” about all this water on top of the oil!)

But never mind, so they say, and so oil must be a very “rare” and finite resource – as well as one which generates an abnormal pollutant load for the biosphere. Therefore, we MUST not be dependent on it, and it MUST be maintained as an expensive commodity which we are loathe to produce too much of too quickly.

Indeed, estimated oil reserves were supposed to peak between 1966 and 1972 (the “Peak Oil Theory”). And when the projections closely coincided with the first oil shortage of 1973 we seemed to have confirmation that this was indeed the “rare commodity of an evolutionary scenario.” But soon, new supplies were discovered – offshore, in Alaska and in other countries.

And now, the relatively new practice of ultra deep-well drilling – at a depth of 25,000 feet and more, as in the Gulf of Mexico, the Russian arctic, off the coast of Brazil, and elsewhere – has grown estimated world oil reserves far beyond previous values, with prices propped up not by limited supply but by self-imposed limits on exploration and production rates!

The ultra deep-well discoveries also raise the question: What is all this oil and gas doing MANY MILES BELOW the Earth’s surface if it was once all ancient plant life ON the Earth’s surface? Are we running up against another ideological and money-motivated scientific scenario resting on a falsehood?

Could it be that an evolutionary scenario is completely unnecessary and fogging the picture once again? Could it be that most oil and gas are actually produced at the bottom of the Earth’s crust, where it contacts a methane-rich mantle under high temperature and pressure and then percolates upward? Scientists outside the mainstream and in other parts of the world think so. After all, volcanoes bringing magma from the Earth’s mantle also spew methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen into the atmosphere. And we make long chain hydrocarbons such as polyethylene by combining simple natural gas molecules under high temperature and pressure. There may be much higher oil and gas reserves than the evolution scenario would tell us.

Why are oil companies signing-on to the cap and trade proposals to make money off the production of carbon dioxide through carbon-credit trading? Do they prefer to limit oil and gas production to keep prices and profits up – as OPEC and other oil producing countries have done for many years? Maybe they suspect that there is a lot more oil and gas available – and that this could depress prices to lower levels.

It’s hard to know what and who to believe – and easy to be deceived by the loudest voices. But one thing I DO know is that we can believe the Bible. And the Bible tells us that evolution is false. Therefore, evolutionary scenarios for determining a natural resource are flawed.

The Bible also tells us that men – scientists included – are subject to greed, dishonesty and schemes that deny their Maker. This leads to the weaving of many tangled webs of deceit which obscure the truth. All the more reason to put the “wisdom of this world” up against the “light of God’s Word.” This is the reason for the ministry of Creation Moments.