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Two Liquids Called Water
Genesis 2:10
A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers
Popular science information websites sometimes reveal fascinating facts. The Science Daily website recently published an articled suggesting that water is not one, but two liquids. One would have...

Trouble in Civilization's Cradle

Mark Cadwallader

Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    Recent trouble in the Middle East has again brought attention to its centrality for world history and world events. The region known as the “Fertile Crescent” is also known as the “Cradle of Civilization” because – as creationists know – human civilization had its start there.

    Noah and his family came down into the area from the “Mountains of Ararat” to populate the Earth after the great global “cataclysm” had destroyed the previous world. No wonder that the oldest recorded civilizations – the Sumerian, the Canaanite and the Egyptian civilizations – all rose up in the region. Even secular evolution-influenced archeological sources say that the Fertile Crescent “was an ideal place for people to settle and start farming, being able to grow many more crops than they needed.”

    Shortly after they left the Ark, God told Noah and his sons that murder was to be punished by death because “in the image of God He made man.” Here is a biblical distinction that is set apart from all other religions. The biblical account of creation says we were “created in the image of God”, so all people deserve dignity. How contrary to the concept advanced by fundamentalist Islam – that by killing people deemed “infidels” you can ensure yourself a place in heaven! And here is where the recent changes in the Middle East take on a precarious and ominous tone. Will the Middle East become even more antagonistic toward Judeo-Christian civilization?

    What has emerged from news reporting is the certain collaboration between socialist progressive interests and fundamentalist Islam in helping to bring about the recent upheavals in the Middle East. They both perceive a common enemy in the alliance of Israel and the United States, current representatives for Judeo-Christian (biblical) civilization in the world today. And so the socialist and Islamist interests came to be aligned – in other words, “the enemy of their enemy becomes their friend.”

    Socialists and so-called progressives, with evolutionism as one of their primary weapons, have largely succeeded in corrupting the West in terms of trying to undermine the Bible, family values and traditional morality to the point where western civilization (Judeo-Christian civilization) is losing and, in fact, has lost much of its attractiveness to more traditional cultures. As Willi Munzenberg, a communist expert in propaganda and disinformation during the early part of the 20th Century, said, the objective is to rot the foundations of western civilization to the point where “it has become so corrupt it stinks.”

    We’ve pointed out previously in these letters that this is why leftist progressive groups such as the ACLU work to undermine God in the public square, to chip away at family values, and to promote moral corruption, pornography and so-called “gay rights”. If they can tear down the foundations of western civilization, they can create a measure of chaos and of government-dependency rather than God-dependency. And they can indoctrinate and steer the society from capitalism into socialism/communism – “socialism by evolution not revolution”, as the slogan of the Fabian Socialists of the early 20th Century put it. Interestingly, the symbol of the Fabian Socialists was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Indeed, as a major theme of the Bible makes clear, God has to repeatedly put up with people who, though created in His image, are constantly rebelling against Him. Christian influence in the world is fought against and undermined at every level. This includes, of course, the lie of evolution vs. the truth of creation as well as the secular dismissal of biblical history.

    Archeological evidence indicates that fairly advanced civilizations developed all over the world within a relatively short time of each other and at a time consistent with biblical chronology. But none of the other civilizations are as old as the very first post-Flood civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Middle East. There was no evolutionary “Stone Age” over thousands of years, but rather “devolution” into a “stone age” lifestyle by some peoples as well as brief periods of “hunting and gathering” by people-groups that moved into far-off areas following their dispersion from the Tower of Babel in Mesopotamia.
    Even so-called “higher critics” – who are no friends of the Bible – have to admit that the tenth chapter of Genesis (The Table of Nations) is an incredibly accurate historical document relating to the original nations of recorded history. In it the grandsons and great grandsons of Noah are listed, and their names are remarkably synonymous with tribes and nations of the ancient world – nations that they evidently founded, giving their names to peoples and nations known to archeology, history and linguistics.

    Indeed, in Genesis 10:32 we read, “by these (families of the sons of Noah) the nations were divided in the earth after the flood.” So, for example, the name for China apparently comes from Noah’s great grandson Sin – hence the English adjective “Sino” for China, the Arabic (Sin), the Greek (Sinae), the Persian (Cin) and the Sanskrit (Cina) – all names for China.

    There are seventy “families of the sons of Noah” mentioned in Genesis 10, with incredible correlation to nations of the ancient world sometimes thousands of miles away from their original habitation, testifying to the truth of their dispersal from and around the Fertile Crescent. That this “Table of Nations” should be so accurate with the terminology for the nations of the ancient world through the founding patriarchs in the bloodline of Noah is another remarkable testimony to the truth of the Bible.

    Humanity was divided and dispersed in the confusion provided by God through many totally unrelated languages at the Tower of Babel. People had been gathered together in humanistic and demonic rebellion to God’s authority under Nimrod, showing that it does not take long for man to lose his moral footing and become a rebel against his Maker. These languages were apparently made common to family groups who then scattered according to their founding patriarchs to all the regions of the world.

    Mankind has always wanted to put himself first, willfully aligning himself with Satan’s deceit. Evolutionism is a fundamental tool of this deceit in modern society. And this is why Creation Moments must continue to spread the truth of biblical creation, without compromise, to a world at enmity with the God of the Bible.

    But to do this we humbly depend on your help. And so we ask that you prayerfully consider what the Lord may prompt you to give to this crucial work. Thank you for stepping out in faith to support this ministry!